In St. Augustine, Florida there is one RV dealer that has all you need and more when it comes to RVs and RV accessories, Ocean Grove RV Supercenter. This full-service RV facility is the oldest in St. Augustine, opening its doors in 1980. Sitting on 12 acres of land, Ocean Grove RV Supercenter has the ability to carry a wide variety of makes and models in stock, in addition to their service center and parts and accessories store. While Ocean Grove RV Supercenter carries an assortment of manufacturer’s products, they do carry more Jayco than anything else. Being that Jayco is such a well known and reputable RV manufacturer and Ocean Grove RV Supercenter is famous for quality service and great deals, the partnership between them was a no brainer.

Service and Repair

Ocean Grove RV Supercenter
courtesy of Ocean Grove RV Supercenter Facebook

To say that Ocean Grove RV Supercenter goes above and beyond to ensure customers can rest easy knowing they will be taken care of is an understatement. Like other RV dealers, Ocean Grove RV Supercenter has the traditional shop with top of the line tools to work on your RV with, but unlike most if not all, they offer a 24/7 ‘technician on call’ service. With this service, you can send an email or text with a description of your issue(s) and an image or video (if you have the ability (i.e. smartphone)) and the highly trained technicians at Ocean Grove RV Supercenter will review the problem and reply with possible solutions. For something simple, they will send a step-by-step guide on how to alleviate the issue as quickly as possible or at least how to fix it long enough to bring it to be serviced professionally. For a part that needs to be replaced, the techs can work with you to get the necessary part(s) sent to your location as quickly as possible. If the job is something that is beyond ‘user level’, Ocean Grove RV Supercenter can setup a time for you to bring in your RV ASAP or come to you with their “Road Call” service if you are in the St. Augustine area. Ocean Grove RV Supercenter offers both collision repair and traditional services (i.e. tune-ups, replacement of malfunctioning parts) and have a waiting room equipped with free WIFI, refreshments, and an HDTV should you need to come in for an appointment.

Parts and Accessories

Ocean Grove RV Supercenter parts
courtesy of Ocean Grove RV Supercenter Facebook

Even with the 24/7 service offered by Ocean Grove RV Supercenter, they went the extra mile and chose to maintain a medley of RV parts and lifestyle accessories in stock. With the large inventory of parts and accessories, Ocean Grove RV Supercenter is able to complete services in a timely manner and you can find the products to make your next trip that much better. Being such a stable and well-respected dealership has allowed Ocean Grove RV Supercenter to become a YETI authorized dealer, so you can get the high quality and durable cooler to match your RV lifestyle.

Ocean Grove RV Supercenter yeti
courtesy of Ocean Grove RV Supercenter Facebook

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