The Best Affordable RVs for Budget-Friendly Travelers in 2024

by | Mar 19, 2024 | RV Spotlight

RVing is often perceived as a cost-effective way to see the country. However, the affordability of your RV adventures largely hinges on the type of rig you choose to buy. With an abundance of options on the market, pinpointing the best affordable RVs can be daunting. Fear not—we’ve scoured the market for you. Our handpicked selection features reliable motorhomes and towables that deliver both comfort and convenience without busting your budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune to become an avid RVer, and you don’t need to sacrifice on quality either! Shopping our options for affordable RVs will allow you to allocate funds to what truly matters: the travel experiences themselves. Remember, the joy of RVing lies in the freedom of the open road, not the price tag of your vehicle.

Tips for Shopping for Affordable RVs

The easiest way to find affordable RVs is to shop used RVs on RVUSA. Used RVs not only offer significant value but also provide a wide array of choices at budget-friendly prices. However, some shoppers are wary of the uncertainties associated with pre-owned vehicles. If this is the case for you, try searching new prior model year RVs on RVUSA. In many cases, dealers are offering substantial discounts on the unsold 2022 and 2023 RVs on their lot in order to make room for the 2024 RVs. In fact, we rounded up a blog with some of the current best prior model year deals!

But, if you’re still in search of the newest models, you can find reasonable prices by focusing your search on small lightweight travel trailers, pop ups and teardrop trailers. These versatile and easily maneuverable rigs typically offer the lowest prices on the market. Our choices here offer a variety of lightweight and larger options that still fit the budget.

affordable rv on the road in front of a Mountain view

RVUSA’s Top Picks for Affordable RVs

With thousands of RVs for sale, is the best place to start your search for affordable RVs. While our advanced RV search makes it easy to narrow down units based on your budget and find a cheap RV for sale, we’ve made it even easier by selecting our favorites across different RV types. While the starting MSRP prices are listed here, in many cases you can find RVs at prices even lower than MSRP on RVUSA! Read on to learn about our favorites.

2017 Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup

Affordable Travel Trailer: Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup

MSRP starting at $15,000

The Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup is arguably one of the most affordable RVs on the market. It comes backed by the Forest River brand, which manufactures a wide variety of RVs at different price points. The Cherokee Wolf Pup in particular offers an unparalleled combination of lightweight design and convenience. Fully self-contained with generous tank capacities and ample storage space, these trailers stand out from others in their class.

With a range of floor plans available, you can choose options with queen beds or convertible dinettes to suit your preferences. Some models even feature bunk areas, ensuring there’s enough space for the whole family to enjoy. Inside, the modern and stylish interiors create a cozy atmosphere, making you feel right at home wherever your travels take you. The Wolf Den floor plans of this RV are even more affordable with prices under $15K.

inside view of an affordable rv from Dutchmen

Affordable Travel Trailer: Dutchmen Aspen Trail Mini

MSRP starting at $23,000

There are many “mini” and “lite” versions of full-size travel trailers that make great affordable RVs. One of our favorites happens to be the Dutchmen Aspen Trail Mini, the compact version of the ubiquitous Aspen Trail model. With floor plans as light as 3200 pounds, this RV offers a range of floor plans that maximize space and comfort without compromising affordability. The compact kitchen comes decked out with a 10 cubic foot fridge, 2-burner range top, microwave, and galley sink with a high-rise faucet. With upgraded residential flooring, pleated night shades, and a foot pedal flush toilet, this travel trailer combines convenience and style for unforgettable adventures on the road. Whether you’re a novice camper or a seasoned traveler, the Aspen Trail Mini promises quality and comfort in an affordable package.

2024 Keystone Springdale Classic Mini

Affordable Travel Trailer: Keystone Springdale Classic

MSRP starting at $23,000

Not only is the Keystone Springdale one of the most popular RVs on the market, it’s one of the faces of budget-friendly RVing. Its roomy 81” ceilings also make it one of the best RVs for tall people. The powerful 15,500 BTU air conditioner plus the Blade High Performance Air Flow System will keep you cool all summer long no matter where you travel. It also includes Keystone Innovation Lab features like Tru-Fit Slide Construction, which ensures a more durable and weather-resistant slide-out to keep your RV in great shape for longer. These affordable RVs bring camping back to its essence, focusing on connecting with nature, loved ones, and the joy of the unexpected.

the interior of a 2024 Jayco Jay Flight SLX RV

Affordable Travel Trailer: Jayco Jay Flight SLX

MSRP starting at $24,000

When it comes to travel trailers that work on a budget, the Jayco Jay Flight SLX has long been an industry leader in affordability. While it may be compact and lightweight, you can still fit the whole family with the right floor plan. Thanks to a Murphy bed, convertible dinette and double over bunk beds, some floor plans sleep up to 10 people! Its versatility is another plus point. Many cars, crossovers, and SUVs can tow this model, making it a go-to option for travelers who don’t have heavy-duty towing vehicles. That means you don’t have to also invest in another vehicle when you purchase your new RV. Even the full-size Jay Flight is a relatively affordable RV for a new travel trailer, with prices starting at just $32,000.

2023 Starcraft Autumn Ridge RV

Affordable Travel Trailer: Starcraft Autumn Ridge

MSRP starting at $25,000

The Starcraft Autumn Ridge offers a diverse range of floorplans to cater to various campers, from beginners to seasoned travelers. Built with solid construction, including a PVC roofing membrane with a limited lifetime warranty and a Magnum™ Roof System, this RV ensures durability and reliability on the road. Inside, the Autumn Ridge boasts residential vinyl flooring, seamless pressed membrane countertops, and tinted safety glass windows for added comfort and convenience.

With standard exterior equipment such as marine-grade exterior speakers, a rain guttering system, and self-adjusting electric brakes, this RV is equipped for outdoor adventures in any season. On the interior, features like LED interior lighting, a high-rise kitchen faucet, and ample storage space enhance the camping experience. Whether you’re embarking on your first RV trip or seeking new adventures, the Starcraft Autumn Ridge provides the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and durability for memorable journeys.

interior of a 2023 Keystone Hideout travel trailer

Affordable Travel Trailer: Keystone Hideout

MSRP starting at $31,000

While there are more affordable RVs out there in the travel trailer category, the Keystone Hideout is a full-size option that doesn’t skimp on innovation or comfort. The interiors are designed with a modern aesthetic in mind, featuring bright spaces that feel both clean and inviting. And the Keystone Hideout doesn’t just look good; it’s built to make your life on the road as easy as possible. Electric stabilizer jacks make setting up camp a breeze, while hidden pantries provide ample storage without cluttering your living space. Plus, the addition of a Girard tankless water heater means you can enjoy hot showers without the wait or the waste.

inside of a 2024 Keystone Cougar Sport fifth wheel rv

Affordable Fifth Wheel: Keystone Cougar Sport

MRSP starting at $45,000

Fifth wheels will always be more expensive than travel trailers, but there are some more affordable RVs in this category, like the Keystone Cougar Sport. This RV offers the perfect blend of convenience, reliability, and innovation, catering to the needs of active RVers. It’s the smaller version of the popular Cougar fifth wheel, renowned for its longevity.

Despite the Cougar Sport’s smaller and lighter build, it doesn’t compromise on features. With an anti-lock braking system and patented COUGAR MAX TURN technology, towing this RV is safe and effortless, ensuring a smooth journey on the road. A standout feature is the HyperDeck™ RV flooring developed by the Keystone Innovation Lab, which offers superior resilience, strength, and water resistance compared to traditional laminated wood construction. This means your RV stays in great shape longer!

the front of a 2024 Thor Motor Coach Quantum rv

Affordable Class C: Thor Motor Coach Quantum SE

MSRP starting at $120,000

Any motorized RV is obviously going to be more expensive than a towable, but the Thor Motor Coach Quantum SE is the lowest priced Class C you’ll find for sale on RVUSA. While the Thor Motor Coach website lists MSRP for the Quantum at over $100K, you can frequently find the SE models for less than $80K from dealers on RVUSA. Built on a Chevy dually chassis, the SE22 floor plan makes the most of the space with a rear bedroom and a cab over bunk if kids want to join. While there are more affordable RVs out there, it’s a great couples coach on a budget!

inside kitchen and lounge area of a 2024 Thor Motor Coach Rize

Affordable Class B: Thor Motor Coach Rize

MSRP starting at $125,000

While the cheapest way to get into van life is typically building your own conversion van, not everyone has the time (or the skillset) to do so. To get a van that’s fully outfitted from a reliable manufacturer, you’ll want to shop Class B RVs for sale. After examining the distinctions between these two styles of van life, we recommend starting your search with the Thor Motor Coach Rize.

Built on the powerful RAM ProMaster 1500 chassis, the Rize camper van ensures a smooth and efficient journey, enhanced by the convenience of a keyless entry system for easy access. Inside, luxurious leatherette captain’s chairs provide comfort and versatility, and the touchscreen dash display equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto integration and a backup monitor means you have all the tech you need. The Thule bike rack accommodates two full-sized adult bikes so you can have even more adventures at your destination.

outside of a 2024 Winnebago Solis Pocket 36A  rv

Affordable Class B: Winnebago Solis Pocket

MSRP starting at $140,000

While it may not be the cheapest of all the Class C RVs on the market, the Winnebago Solis Pocket is the iconic manufacturer’s most affordable camper van they offer. It’s also the ideal companion for adventurers seeking backcountry excursions and urban exploration alike. A flexible multifunctional dinette makes the most of the space, and the versatile galley kitchen allows for indoor and outdoor enjoyment. The Solis Pocket maximizes space efficiency and provides ample storage without compromising on functionality. Additionally, select floor plans feature a full bath for added comfort and convenience on the road. Compact yet versatile, the Pocket RV offers the perfect blend of flexibility and adventure for any journey.

Woman and man looking at the interior of an affordable RV they want to buy

More Tips to Getting a Great Price on a New RV

Beyond shopping for affordable RVs, you can also employ other tactics to get a great price on your rig. Whether you’re a seasoned negotiator or a first-time buyer, these proven strategies will help you navigate the purchasing process with confidence and maximize your savings on your dream RV.

Employ Strong Negotiating Tactics

Negotiating the price of your RV requires preparation, patience, and effective communication skills. Start by researching the market value of the RV you’re interested in, including comparable models and prices from different dealerships. You can do this by searching on RVUSA! Armed with this information, set a realistic budget and be prepared to stick to it during negotiations. When working with your salesperson, establish a friendly yet firm rapport and express genuine interest in the RV while also highlighting any concerns or areas where you’d like to negotiate. Additionally, consider negotiating other aspects of the deal, such as included accessories, extended warranties, or financing terms, to potentially lower the overall cost.

Most importantly, be willing to walk away if the price doesn’t meet your expectations. While this can sometimes prompt the salesperson to make a better offer, it also ensures you don’t get roped into going above your budget. By being knowledgeable, assertive, and willing to engage in respectful negotiation, you can increase your chances of securing the best price for your RV.

An RVUSA travel trailer at sunset

Need the perfect RV for a getaway?

Shop Around And Compare Prices

RVUSA is a great tool for price comparisons! By shopping our RV classifieds, you can view prices from multiple dealers at once, and even expand your search beyond your local area to find a cheap RV for sale elsewhere. Then, you’ll have to assess whether it’s worth it to travel out of state for your purchase. By using this tool, you can find affordable RVs that meet your needs no matter where you live.

Buy At Strategic Times

Shopping at the end of the year, offseason, or towards the end of the dealer’s fiscal year often presents opportunities to secure better prices on affordable RVs. Dealerships may offer discounts and incentives during these periods to clear out older inventory and make room for new models, providing buyers with the chance to find a cheap RV for sale. Additionally, dealerships may be more willing to negotiate prices and offer discounts to meet sales targets and boost end-of-year revenues. By capitalizing on these strategic timing opportunities, RV buyers can maximize their savings and secure a low priced RV for sale.

Find Financing Deals

RV financing options can make a significant difference in the price you pay for your RV over time. The interest rates for RV loans can range from around 4% to over 20% APR, depending on the borrower’s credit score. Look for local dealers who are running financing deals, or strategically work on your own credit score before purchasing your rig so you get an optimal APR. Additionally, you can gain a bargaining chip when negotiating with RV dealerships by obtaining a pre-approval quote from a bank. Using this trick can broaden your options for affordable RVs.

frequently asked questions about affordable rvs and budget-friendly rvs

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of RV can I get with $30,000?

You can find a variety of affordable RVs under $30,000 by shopping for used RVs. There are also some compact, lightweight travel trailers you can purchase new for less than $30,000, like a Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup or a Jayco Jay Flight SLX. It’s also not hard to find pop ups, A-liners and tear drop trailers at this price point either. However, it will be difficult to find motorhomes for less than $30,000 unless you are investing in a fixer upper.

Who are some budget-friendly RV manufacturers?

We recommend starting your search for affordable RVs with tried-and-true manufacturers such as Forest River, Jayco and Keystone. You can also look into smaller brands like Gulf Stream Coach and Starcraft, two brands known for providing high-value, cost-effective models.

Where can I find affordable RVs for sale?

The best way to find affordable RVs for sale is to search an RV classifieds website like RVUSA where you can compare prices across dealerships and locales to get the best deal.

Finding Affordable RVs Near You

If you’re on a budget, owning an RV doesn’t have to be a distant dream. By searching RVs for sale on RVUSA, you’ll find a wide range of affordable RVs and budget-friendly manufacturers and have the ability to easily compare prices. We assure you it IS possible to experience the joy of RV travel without breaking the bank. So, buckle up, start your engine, and embark on the journey of a lifetime with your dream RV!

Ready to find an affordable RV?

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