Negotiating The Price of an RV

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Right now, you might be facing the inevitable question every RV shopper eventually faces: “Am I getting the best price on this RV?” It’s a fair question to ask, and you should want to receive the best price available for the RV you want! Negotiating is a great way to save money on an RV purchase, but it’s important to know how to do it. Salespeople know exactly how to sell you on something, and they’re aware of when a consumer is trying to talk them down.

Negotiating The Price of an RV

This post gives you a few tips on how to negotiate the price of an RV and what to say when it comes time to pull the trigger.

Figure out how much the rig is actually worth

Determining the actual worth of the RV is the first step in not overpaying. You can’t really talk them down if you don’t know the value of it. Once you find this out, you’ll know if the asking price is fair.

Don’t pay the dealer fees

Chances are the fees dealerships add in towards the end of the purchase are unnecessary and made up. Some like to tack them on in hopes of you not noticing until the transactions is complete. Don’t fall for this.

To protect yourself, jot down the price you agreed upon with the dealer, and if the price is any higher at the register, you’ll know those fees were added on. If you let them know you won’t be paying those fees, most dealerships will void them for you, because they don’t want to lose that sale. If they don’t drop them, consider doing business with another dealership you can trust. There’s always another dealership that won’t take advantage of you.

Buy during the offseason

This is when dealerships are itching for a sale the most, and they’re more likely to drop the price of an RV for you. Try timing your purchase towards the end of summer or beginning of fall and reap the benefits of saving thousands of dollars.

Do the research

This applies to both the RV and the dealership. You can usually find reviews and testimonials of the dealership online or on Facebook. These will show you real-life interactions people have had with them and how they were treated.

For your RV, arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible will help you save loads of cash when talking to a salesperson.

Checking out RV forums online can be great resources for doing research on the RV you’re looking at and the dealership you’re considering doing business with.

Actually negotiate

As overwhelming and daunting as it might sound, talking down the salesperson will probably be easier than you think. They’re ready for this to happen, and they know they can lower the price to a certain amount. Sometimes, all it takes is to simply ask.

Remember to be courteous and respectful as they are there to help you find what you need. A little kindness can go a long way.

Don’t hesitate to walk away

If a dealer isn’t working with you on price, or if they’re being disrespectful, don’t be afraid to walk away. If the salesperson isn’t budging and refuses to remove any of those hidden fees we mentioned earlier or even upfront costs, it’s okay to leave without an RV. Don’t feel pressured into buying a rig that’s out of your budget simply because they were nice or even did the paperwork for you. You can walk away at any moment, and until you sign a contract, you’re not obligated to do anything. If the price isn’t right, leave.

Be upfront with your budget

Once you tell them your budget, most salespeople will try to stay within it. And they’re trying to make a sale, so if you see an RV you really like, they’re going to do everything they can to call it yours. Even if this means dropping the initial cost.

So, set a price that’s realistic and stick with it. It could cause financial stress down the road if you buy an RV that’s out of your budget.

Doing the research on negotiating the price of an RV can be extensive but can often save you thousands of dollars. Remember to take your time when doing your homework, and it will pay off. We hope these tips help. Happy negotiating!

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