The Best RVs for Tall People

by | Sep 26, 2023 | RV Spotlight

If you’ve ever known a tall person, or happen to be over 6-foot tall yourself, you’re probably aware of the many discomforts the vertically-gifted among us face on a day-to-day basis. From plane seats to mattress lengths, tall people often feel confined or limited by the space around them. RVs are already known to be small spaces, so how does a tall person find a suitable RV?! We’re here to help. We rounded up the best RVs for tall people so your days of crouching down or hunching over inside an RV are over!


The interior of a Dutchmen Aspen Trail, with plenty of overhead room to make it one of the best RVs for tall people

Photo courtesy of Dutchmen


Interior height: 6’10”

It can be tough to find travel trailers with tall ceilings. But when it comes to RVs for tall people, the Dutchmen Aspen Trail stands tall as an exceptional choice. With an impressive interior height of 6’10”, this RV offers great headroom for a travel trailer. Even the tallest family members can move comfortably without the worry of low ceilings! What makes it even more appealing is its lightweight design. This means you can even tow it with an SUV. It also has a spacious and well-thought-out interior, complete with smart furniture placement, generous kitchen and bathroom spaces, and ample storage, all catering to the comfort and convenience of tall travelers. If you’re seeking an RV that combines superior headroom with towing ease, look no further than the Dutchmen Aspen Trail.


Interior height: 6’7.5″

If you’re a fan of Airstreams but happen to be very tall, try the Airstream Classic. stands as a strong contender. These generously sized trailers offer an exterior length of 31’3″, providing ample space for a comfortable journey. Inside, you’ll find an interior width of 8’1″, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. The real standout feature for tall travelers is the interior height, boasting almost 6’8″ of headroom. While many Airstream Classic models come equipped with twin beds, what truly sets them apart is their adaptability for taller individuals. Many offer upgrades that include king-size beds and other height-friendly features. So, if you’re seeking an iconic RV that combines spaciousness with tailor-made comfort for tall passengers, the Airstream Classic is a compelling choice.


The interior of a Jayco Pinnacle, one of the best RVs for tall people

Photo courtesy of Jayco


Interior height: 8’6″

In general, fifth wheels are going to be more roomy than travel trailers. The Jayco Pinnacle, though, goes above and beyond. This luxury fifth-wheel camper not only boasts finer features than your average home but also offers remarkable headroom. It’s a haven for taller individuals! Inside, you’ll discover a spacious walk-in closet, a luxurious king-size bed, a generously sized 36″-wide shower, and a well-appointed kitchen with a residential fridge. The real reason it’s on our list of the best RVs for tall people, however, is the ceiling height. This RV offers an impressive 8’6″ of room to maneuver in the common living areas and 6’7″ ceilings in the main bedroom. Say goodbye to cramped spaces and hello to a new level of comfort for tall travelers. 


Interior height: 7′

The Forest River Sierra boasts an impressive 7 feet of interior height, ensuring that even the tallest members of your crew can move around without constraint. There’s also plenty of room to spread out with its two separate bedrooms and 1.5 baths. In other words: it has spacious accommodations for your entire crew. It’s perfect for extended RV adventures where you’ll be comfortable the entire time!



Photo courtesy of Jayco


Interior height: 7′

Tall folks find the Jayco Embark exceptionally accommodating thanks to its 7-foot high ceilings. The king-size bed adds even more to the appeal. Not only is there plenty of headroom and space for restful sleep, but the whole RV is roomy. If you’re looking for an RV that combines luxury, space, and thoughtful design to cater to taller individuals, this is the RV for you.


Interior height: 8’1.5″

Newmar is known for luxury. We have to say: the ceiling height in the Newmar King Aire is certainly luxurious! With over 8-foot ceilings, this RV offers an abundance of vertical space. No matter how tall you are, you can stretch out and move freely. The King Aire doesn’t compromise on length either, AND you get a king-size bed. But the luxury doesn’t stop there – even the shower is spacious, allowing you to unwind and refresh after a long day of adventures. If you’re seeking the pinnacle of Class A RV comfort, the Newmar King Aire delivers not just opulence but also thoughtful design for travelers of all heights.

Shopping for RVs for Tall People

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. At RVUSA, we list a large variety of new campers, toy haulers and RVs every day. We believe it’s essential that every traveler, regardless of their height, can embark on adventures with comfort and convenience. Fortunately, there’s a diverse range of RV options available on RVUSA that cater to the needs of tall travelers. You can find spacious interiors and thoughtful designs to accommodate everyone. No one should miss out on the joy of RVing simply because they’re tall! So, embrace the freedom of the open road and discover the perfect RV that suits your height and lifestyle right here on RVUSA. Your next adventure awaits, and it’s tailored just for you.

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