Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Pop Up Campers

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There is a large world of RVs out there, and depending on your needs, there are specific RVs that would be perfect for you. Last week we spoke broadly about how to choose the best RV for you, so this week we are going to dive in even deeper and discuss the ever popular Pop Up Camper. Is a Pop Up camper right for you? After learning everything you need to know about buying a Pop Up Camper, you should be well on your way to knowing if this is the perfect purchase for you.

What Is a Pop Up Camper?

First thing’s first, what is a Pop Up Camper? Traditionally, Pop Up Campers had soft sides that folded down, similar to tents but much larger. They often have a sleeping area, kitchen, and some even have full bathrooms. Pop Up Campers tend to fold down completely and are light and easy to haul. Although, now there are Pop Up Campers with hard sides and much more lavish interiors.

Pros of a Pop Up Camper

Now that you know exactly what a Pop Up Camper is, we can dive right into the Pros and Cons of owning one.

Especially now, there are quite a few Pros of owning a Pop Up Camper.

Smaller and Lighter

Pop Up Campers are much smaller and therefor lighter than your other tow behind campers. Since they are so light, that means you most likely will not have to purchase a new heavy duty truck just to be able to haul your camper. Their size also makes them optimal for being hauled behind a Jeep instead of a truck. So if you are planning on “overlanding” with your local Jeep club, a Pop Up Camper with an off road package is the perfect way to go!

You Can Go Anywhere

Pop Up Campers can go just about anywhere, which make them perfect for bookdocking and overlanding. Their compact nature makes them easy to haul through more rugged terrain, and their size adds to the ease of fitting them into tight spaces. These little guys can go places that their larger counterparts only dream of. Making them perfect for the camper who wants to be closer to nature.

Less Expensive

Typically, a Pop Up Camper is going to be less expensive than your other varieties. I say typically, because now with hard sided and Luxury Pop Up Campers, the prices can start to get up there and rival their larger counterparts. If you are wanting to get started in the RV Lifestyle but don’t want to spend a ton, then a Pop Up Camper may be your foot in the door.

Cons of a Pop Up Camper

While these little guys are amazing at so many things, you also have to realize their shortcomings when deciding to purchase a Pop Up Camper. For you, some of these may be no big deal, or some of them may be deal breakers.

Tight Space

If you are the type who does not like being in close quarters with your camping partner, then a Pop Up camper may not be for you. They are small, and you will be rather close to anyone else staying in your camper as well. Especially is you have small children, or a large family, this may not be the best option for you. If you are a solo camper or it is just you and a significant other, then one of these little guys may completely fit your needs.

Lack of Air and Heat

If you want a Glamping experience, then a Pop Up Camper is not for you. Due to the fact that (most) of them have soft sides, they do not retain heat and air very well. This means you will probably be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Fans and small space heaters are great options, but be aware that the soft sides do not retain very well.

Beware of Weather

If you are rocking one of the hard sided Pop Up Campers, then this is really an issue, but if you have a soft sided one, then you may want to beware of the weather. Rain can potentially seep into your Pop Up and get some things a bit wet. While they are still rather good at keeping you dry and the water seeping in is not something that happens in the majority of cases, they are not foolproof. Even with the water kept out, the canvas walls can make the inside of your Pop Up feel a bit muggy and damp due to the condensation. Because of this, your Pop Up Camper will need to be aired out quite often to prevent mold issues.

Try One Out

If you are still on the fence about getting a Pop Up Camper for yourself, you can always rent one before you buy. This is a good way to get a feel for if you love it or want to go with something different.

No matter which way you want to camp, there is a perfect camper for you. It may be a simple Pop Up Camper, or you may want something more luxury and fit for Glamping. Either way, RVUSA has the perfect camper for everyone! You can browse inventory from dealers nationwide to find just what you are looking for.

If you are still left scratching your head, the RVUSA Forum is an excellent ( and free) resource where you can connect with other RVers to get the inside scoop on the lifestyle!


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