Easy RV Halloween Decorations

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How to decorate your RV for Halloween

We’re in the thick of spooky season. Leaves are changing, pumpkin patches are on every corner and Pinterest is abuzz with people pinning inspiration for kids and couples costumes. Halloween weekend is the kickoff for the US holiday season that stretches over the following 2 months and into the new year. Many campgrounds and RV parks host Halloween weekend events like costume and pumpkin carving contests that draw campers to celebrate on the road. In campgrounds like these, RV Halloween decorations and spooky vibes are aplenty. It’s hard not to want to join in on the ghoulish fun.

You may be hesitant to hop into seasonal décor as an RV owner though. Decorating for the holidays in an RV can be tricky because space is always at a premium in an RV. There often isn’t room to store bulky boxes of seasonal décor that only see the light of day for a few weeks. Plus, Halloween is just a week away! How can you decorate that quickly, you may ask?

We’ve got you covered. We compiled a list of our favorite low-effort, low-cost, fast-shipping items on Amazon that will get to your RV doorstep in a snap. Our focus in choosing these items was to find seasonal décor for RVs that is compact and easy to store.

Hocus Pocus Pillows

Hocus Pocus themed pillows

Nothing brings out the Halloween vibes quite like cozying up on a chilly fall evening to watch Halloween classics. Hocus Pocus is arguably one of the best spooky flicks out there. If you’ve seen the movie, these witchy pillows will make perfect sense. You’ll have “another glorious morning” when you wake up in the RV with these on hand!

What makes these great RV Halloween decorations is that they’re simply pillow covers, not pillows themselves. Decorating with these is the perfect way to save space and create seasonal versatility inside your home on wheels! Purchase a set of plain 18×18 throw pillows and toss these on when Halloween comes around. Then, swap them out with Thanksgiving and Christmas pillow covers as the holidays roll through.  The covers are easy to store but add a great element of seasonal flair without a lot of effort.

The only thing that could make these pillows better is actually running “amuck amuck amuck” on Halloween in the home of the Sanderson sisters, Salem, Massachusetts. If you’re still looking for a place to take your RV this month, we wrote an entire post about why you need to visit Salem in October.

Ghost Garland

Tassels with faces make ghost garland

Sometimes Halloween décor can get a little (candy) corn-y, but this ghost tassel garland is as trendy as it gets. It’s as simple as a set of eyes on white tassels, but the Halloween flair these add is top tier. Hang these in your RV windows, above your RV couch, or in your RV kitchen to feel those perfect ghoulish but aesthetic vibes.

Spooky Streamers

Bats and ghosts on streamers for decoration

Sticking with the hanging décor, these Halloween streamers are both creepy and cute. They feature purple bats, white ghosts and black and orange circles. They’re bright and fun, which makes them perfect RV Halloween decorations for the family RVing with kids. Hanging these up in your RV windows is sure to get some attention from neighbors at your campsite!

Minimal Bats

Minimalistic bats are the trendiest RV Halloween decoration

If there were a Vogue magazine of Halloween decorations, these chic minimalistic bats would be on the front cover. They are all the rage for influencers showing off their Halloween setups on Instagram and Pinterest. Simply sprinkle these bats around the corner of a window, door or other feature and your RV Halloween setup will instantly become Insta-worthy.

Halloween Window Clings

Spiders and bats stickers for windows
If devilish décor is more your style, try these sinister bat and spider window clings. Black widow spiders creep and crawl while bats hang in the wings. You may even give your RV park neighbors a scare hanging these RV Halloween decorations in your window!

Jack-o-Lantern String Lights

Jack-o-Lantern string lights for RV Halloween decorations

Who needs Christmas lights when you can hang Jack-O-Lantern lights?! These devious pumpkins are battery powered, which is great news for your RV battery. Hang them from your awning outside your RV, or keep them inside for a Halloween glow.

RV Halloween Decoration Inspiration

With these RV Halloween decorations, you’ll be the envy of the campground. And you won’t have to stress about storage when the holiday season is over! It’s a win-win.

Of course, there are more ways to get in the spirit of spooky season besides decorating your RV for Halloween. We rounded up the best ways to celebrate Halloween in your RV as well as some of the best campgrounds to hit for the Halloween holiday. Some have great Halloween celebrations, while others have eerie history that’s perfect for this time of year.

No matter how you spend your last weekend in October, there are plenty of fun things to see and do across the US this fall. Head to our blog for more RV travel tips and destinations! Be sure to check out our full RVUSA Amazon Essentials page as well for more recommendations on RV essentials for everything from the kitchen to the campfire.

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