Gift Guide: Top 10 Overlanding Gifts

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Overlanding Gifts for the Off-Grid Camping Enthusiast

A Dometic fridge with a TAXA habitat. This fridge makes our list of overlanding gifts

Photo courtesy of TAXA Outdoors

Overlanding has taken off in the US camping scene in recent years, and it’s likely someone you know takes part in this unique style of adventure travel. If you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for a loved one who spends their weekends off-roading to campsites in remote locations, we’re here to help! Earlier this year, RVUSA expanded into the overlanding world by offering a new category for overland campers, and now we’re tackling a Christmas list for overland enthusiasts. We scoured the Internet for the best overlanding gifts out there so all you have to do is click – and wrap.

Garmin Overlander Navigator

Overlanding Gifts: Garmin Navigator
This is a luxury gift every overlander will love. Everyone knows the name Garmin in the GPS world, and this overlander navigator is designed specifically for heading off-road. It’s pre-loaded with points of interest for overlanders and public campgrounds so your loved ones won’t need any cell service to find the best dispersed campsites. Good news: at the time of writing this blog post, Amazon has these available for $100 off. Score!

Looking for more overlanding essentials?

Check out our best Amazon finds!

Garmin InReach Mini

Speaking of no cell service, a satellite communicator is a must for overlanders who love camping off the beaten path. Exploring the unexplored is a signature trait of this style of camping, and often there’s no cell signal to be found. Your overlander can essentially send texts via satellite with this device as well as access downloadable maps and send SOS signals if necessary. This is one of those overlanding gifts that is practical for them but also gives you peace of mind that your loved ones are never out of touch.
Overlanding Gifts: Garmin Inreach Mini
Overlanding Gifts: Recovery Boards

Recovery Boards

Part of the fun of overlanding is testing your rig’s limits and maybe getting into some slightly precarious situations. Every overlander should have a set of recovery boards on board their vehicle. These are used to help get rigs out of sticky situations in rocky or muddy terrain. When you give these as overlanding gifts, your overlander will be able to have some fun off-road with the safety net of knowing they have a way out if they need it.

Solar Power Station

Have we mentioned overlanding means going off-grid? If it sounds like we’re being repetitive, it’s because being self-sufficient is a core part of overlanding. Solar power is essential to longer stays with this type of lifestyle, so you can’t go wrong giving the gift of solar. Jackery is a respected brand whose portable power stations are perfect for overland travel. The battery and solar panel are usually sold separately but this bundle ensures you have both!
Overlanding Gifts: Solar Power Station
Overlanding Gifts: Camp Shower

Nemo Camp Shower

Many overlanding setups do not include shower or bathroom facilities. You can find some vans or trailers when you search overland camper RVs on RVUSA that have them built in, but if they’re camping with a rooftop tent or with a smaller trailer, they’re on their own for showers. This Nemo Camp Shower is the perfect solution.

Dometic Fridge

Dometic is the pinnacle of off-grid refrigerator solutions. They’re powered by either AC/DC or solar, so they are perfect for campers who are headed out into the wilderness. There’s an accompanying Bluetooth enabled app that will allow them to adjust the fridge temp and monitor the device from their phone. This Dometic fridge has two different compartments that can be set to different temperatures so they can have a fridge AND a freezer. Plus, it’s a smaller model that won’t take up too much space in their compact overlanding rig.
Gifts for Overlanders: Dometic Fridge
An overland truck camps at night. These vehicles are part of RVUSA's new overland classifieds category

Need a rig for your holiday travels?

Gifts for Overlanders: Collapsible Fire Pit

Collapsible Fire Pit

A perfect night of overland camping involves gathering around a campfire and sharing quality time in nature. When your loved ones are staying in dispersed campsites, there aren’t formal fire rings available to them like there would be at an RV park. A collapsible fire pit provides a way for them to have safe, contained fires in nature (where allowed) and then pack it up without taking up a ton of space in their rig.

Camping Stove

Camping stoves make great overlanding gifts because it levels up their camp cooking game. It opens up lots more meal possibilities when they don’t have to rely on a campfire to cook! Some overlanders will prefer gas stoves, while others want induction stoves. You may need to ask your favorite overlander what their electrical setup is and if it can handle powering an induction cooktop. If not, this gas stove from Eureka is a great quality cooking tool. They’ll just need to power it with propane. If they prefer to power their cooking electrically, we love this simple Duxtop portable induction burner.
Gifts for Overlanders: Camping Stove
Gifts for Overlanders: AeroPress

Coffee Setup

What’s better than waking up to a hot cup of coffee with a beautiful view? These are the moments overlanders life for, which is why off-grid coffee tools make perfect overlanding gifts. First, they’ll need a kettle to heat up water. If espresso is their cup of tea (coffee), there’s no better way to make coffee without power than with an Aeropress. The Aeropress Go packs up compactly so it takes up very little space when they travel. If they want to take it a step further and make lattes, add this milk frother in their stocking. If pour over is more their speed, renowned camping brand Stanley makes a great pour over set. Of course, no coffee setup is complete without a hand grinder. The JavaPresse is a great middle of the road option, but if they need the best of the best, Normcore’s hand grinder is top of the line.

Stanley Camp Cooking Gear

Like we mentioned, Stanley is the OG when it comes to camp cooking. There’s a reason their slogan says “Since 1913”! They have plenty of camp cooking options, but we love their compact adventure camp cook set – which at the time of writing, is on sale for nearly half off! Their coffee mugs are also great for overlanders to have on hand for those sunrise views. If your overlander needs a full camp kitchen setup, their base camp cook set is a great choice.
Gifts for Overlanders: Stanley Cook Set

Overlanding Gifts Your Off-Grid Camper Will Love

It can be difficult to understand what exactly overlanding is if you’re not familiar with it, but we can guarantee your favorite overlander will love all of these options! If you’re the overlander in this scenario, send this list to your loved ones to help them shop for you.

If you’re intrigued by overlanding and want to know more, you can view new and used overland camper RVs for sale on RVUSA!



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