5 Awe Inspiring Van Conversions!

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People are making the push to small mobile living. Because of this trend towards small living and mobility, we are also seeing a plethora extremely creative people take a typical van and transform it into a stunning tiny motorhome. These van conversions are nothing short of awe inspiring!

Are you thinking about converting a van for tiny living? Maybe you just want something fun to take on weekend travels… Either way, let these 5 awe inspiring van conversions jump start your motivation to start a van life project of your very own!

Tiny Van Travels

One of my favorite Van Life bloggers right now is Tasha at Tiny Life Travels. She has a beautifully done 2010 Ford Transit Connect van. In her blog, and on her stunning Instagram page, she shares her journey from basic van to beautiful motorhome as well as her personal travels!

Awe inspiring van conversions

Photo Credit: Tasha, Tiny Van Life

Gnomad Home

Another stunning van conversion that I am obsessed with right now is the 15 passenger van converted into a home on wheels from Gnomad Home. After being worn down by the 9-5 suburban grind, John and Jayme decided to take their life into their own hands. They bought a van and live on the road with their two dogs! They not only share their beautiful journey, but tips and tricks for anyone else who may be inspired to start one of their own!

awe inspiring van conversions

Photo Credit: Gnomad Life

VW Campervan Life

Richard, Suzanne, and their son Max share their adventures on VW Campervan Life. Together with their VW California SE TDI named Dibby, they go on family adventures around the USA. Their journey is a fun one to follow… Especially for those of us with small kids. Seeing that it can be done even when we have little ones in tow!


Awe inspiring van conversions

Photo Credit: VW Campervan Life

From Rust to Roadtrip

What an appropriate name for this awesome van life blog! Their project van came with rust, holes, leaks and headaches. But with perseverance and creativity this couple was able to transform a pile of rust into a road worthy companion! Their story is inspiring and their build is simply breathtaking!

Photo Credit: From Rust to Roadtrips

Nomads with a Van

Nomads with a Van, Chris, Tamara and their dog Holly, left their home in 2013 to travel Latin America with nothing but backpacks! This was the trip that started it all.. From one year travelers to full time Van Life nomads theirs is a story filled with beauty and inspiration! One of my favorite aspects of their van life journey, is that they opted to convert a mini van! Yes, their converted mini van named red delicious is the thing of dreams!

Photo Credit: Nomads with a Van

Are you inspired yet to start your own van life journey? Let us know below what one is your favorite.. or maybe you have a beautiful conversion of your own already… we would love to hear from you and maybe share your story in one of our upcoming blog posts!
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Awe Inspiring Van Conversions. #Vanlife #ProjectVanLife

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