There is something magical about taking something old and changing it into something new and beautiful. An old school bus can seem to some like ugly reminders of past school days, but to others it can be a beautiful and inspiring piece that can transform into a unique motorhome. Bus conversions have been appearing everywhere lately. They are all over Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and more. So many people are taking their lives into their own hands and creating some out of these world bus conversions while documenting the whole process to inspire you for your next build!

Student Built Short Bus Conversion

An undergraduate  student named Lacey Leonard undertook this stunning conversion of the 1988 Ford Econoline 350. This short bus is a sight to behold! It took about a year to complete but is now a fully functional and fully livable tiny house on wheels!

Images © Lacey Leonard
Images © Lacey Leonard

Retro Short Bus

If you have a love for retro, then this is the bus conversion for you! The interior is warm and inviting, perfect for living off the grid in comfort and style!

Photography: Winkelman
Photography: Winkelman

Boho Chic Bus

Boho Chic is the in style right now, and this bus conversion is right on trend! You can see more of this beautiful bus on owner Heidi’s Instagram page.

Photos By: Heather Jackson
Photos By: Heather Jackson

Like Mother Like Daughter!

When Lexi set her mind to convert her 1989 Vintage School Bus, she knew she had what it took! She learned everything she needed to know from her mom, who has also completed a bus conversion! Creativity runs deep in this family for sure! You can see more of this beauty over on Instagram.

School Bus Conversion By: Lexi Noelle
School Bus Conversion By: Lexi Noelle

Life As A Bus

One vintage school bus + one fun couple + one adorable pupper = one of the most beautiful vintage bus conversions you’ve seen!

Loft On Wheels

With a plan to travel from Alaska to South America, this couple transformed a 1996 Thomas International School Bus into a stunning home on wheels!

Modern Home For Family of 5

Meet Bertha! The modern bus converted into a stunning home for this adventurous family of 5!

These beauties are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bus conversions. There is so much creativity out there and so many unique conversions that it is impossible to list them all!

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These bus conversions are out of this world! Tiny living at its best! These converted school busses will inspire you to get off the grid!

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  1. I just so enjoyed reading your interesting post. I would love to stay in a bus like this for a few days. You are doing an amazing job.

  2. looks really amazing. What beautifully arranged all that spaces. Those bedrooms are so cozy and kitchens are very beautiful. I would like to live on that home bus.

  3. These conversions are so very cool! It’s amazing what you can do with something to make it into something completely different.

  4. I have always loved bus conversions! We used to be part of a camping club and one of the families converted a big yellow school bus into an RV!

  5. Wow! Those RVs are absolutely amazing. Love all the different styles. My favorite has to be the Retro bus design. So comfy and looks cozy inside. Must be fun to live in a bus.

  6. Wow! Its a wonderful time to have this kind of lifestyle. Totally mesmerized me to travel your house everywhere you go. Keeps me to check on this in the future.

  7. This truly is an inspiration. My son dream of converting a van or a bus into a moving house. He loves your post dearly.

  8. It’s amazing to think all these have stories to tell, and memories within their walls. Each bus has a personality of its own. Love it!

  9. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is so inspirational. I’ve long dreamed of converting a bus into a road ready home to travel with. One day, perhaps soon, I’ll make this dream a reality and convert my own vehicle into a home on wheels!

  10. These pictures are so beautiful! It’s my dream to do something like this. I love how you included one that fits a family of 5, that gives me hope that I can do this even after I start a family!

  11. Ohh this is so lovely. I actually am dreaming of owning one in the future. I would love to explore with a little bus like this so I can go and live wherever I want to.


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