10 Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

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We know that dogs are a man’s best friend, but no one wants their brand new RV to be smelly, covered in fur, or worse! To make sure your next RV adventure is enjoyable for you and your pooch, read our 10 Tips for Traveling with Your Dog.

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  1. Safety First – As soon as you realize you are coming to a stopping point, make sure you have your dog’s leash ready to go. While a campground may be a great place for your dog to run around, a truck stop on the side of a busy highway is not. After a few hours in the RV, your dog is going to be ready to bust out of the door as soon as you open it. To prevent any injuries to you or your dog, make sure the leash is on and secure before the door ever opens.
  2. Plan Your Stops – Having a dog along for the ride means you will probably have to take more breaks (unless you want an RV full off pee). To make sure your dog is comfortable and happy, plan on taking a short break every few hours. If you check your route ahead of time, try to make your stops at pet-friendly locations, such as a park.dog5
  3. Bring Medical Records – Hopefully your dog does not have a medical emergency while you’re on your trip, but just in case, make sure you carry the proper health certificates and rabies vaccination paperwork. These records are even more important if you plan on traveling from the United States into Canada because some provinces in Canada have different rules and regulations.
  4. Update Your Dog’s ID – No, your dog does not need a driver’s license to ride in your RV. However, you do want to make sure they are wearing some sort of ID with your contact information on it. If, for some horrible reason, your dog gets lost during one of your stops, this ID will become extremely important.
  5. Bring Poop Bags– You knew this one was coming. It is inevitable that your dog will have to go to the bathroom during your trip, and you want to be respectful of any location you go to. To make sure you keep every campsite or stopping point as beautiful as when you arrived, bring plastic bags or Ziplocs so you can properly dispose of your dog’s poop in the nearest dumpster or trash can.
  6. And Pee Pads – If you have to leave your dog in the RV for an extended period of time (like if you stop at a restaurant), you don’t want to risk any accidents. To keep your RV sparkly and fresh, you can bring Pee Pads, which can be found at any pet store. Put the pee pads wherever you think your dog may go, that way the pads can absorb the mess, instead of your furniture or carpet.
  7. Keep Your Dog Entertained – Just like children, a dog might get bored on a long trip. To keep your dog happy, make sure you bring all their favorite toys from home. You should also bring toys that you can use on one of your many stops, such as Frisbees or tennis balls. Letting your dog get some exercise during your stops will help them get rid of some energy so they aren’t antsy during the rest of the ride. Two dogs playing with a ball. Dogs, pets, playing, ball, summer
  8. A Place to Sleep If your dog is cool enough to earn a bed in your RV, more power to them. But, for safety purposes and comfort, a crate and dog bed should also come along for the ride. Dog beds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, prices, and colors, from the simple and cheap, to elaborate and luxurious. If you want to buy a special bed to keep in the RV, we aren’t going to stop you. Or, you can always just bring your dog bed from home.
  9. Dog Food and Water – Yes, this is an obvious one, but one you do NOT want to forget. Make sure you pack your dog plenty of food and water, just like you packed plenty of snacks for your family. It’s probably a good idea to pack these things the night before you leave, just to be sure you don’t forget the essentials.
  10. Keep Them Protected – Even though dogs are covered in fur, they still get exposed to some of the same bugs and elements that us humans do. Make sure you have dog-safe insect repellent, sunscreen, tick remover, flea combs, and medications for any emergencies. Also be sure to bring shampoo and a brush so your RV doesn’t smell like a pet store by the time you get home.

Now that you and your dog are fully equipped, it’s time to hit the road! Having your dog with you can make your next trip even more enjoyable, as long as you make all the right preparations. For more tips and tricks, and everything RV, keep reading our blog and visit www.RVUSA.com. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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