Wellness Tips for Healthy RV Living

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Healthy RV Living

Welcome back, RVers. We hope everyone is sticking to their New Year’s Resolution, and if yours was anything related to leading a healthier lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place! We love giving our readers any information we can on how to exercise while traveling, how to cook healthy foods while camping and how to simply live a more fulfilled life through healthy living.

Maybe you like to follow a strict diet to stay in shape or maybe the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning is your visit to the gym. Either way, RV living is a great way to say goodbye to the average 9-5, traditional house way of living. If you decide to make the switch, you’ll find the experience to be fruitful and an amazing way to stay well in your life. Keep reading for our favorite wellness tips for healthy RV living!

Take it Easy at First

When you’re new to RVing, whether if it’s just for weekends or full-time, it’s going to take some getting used to. There will be culture shocks, like not having to pay rent. But there will be some bad ones too, like realizing that some tasks will be more complicated when you’re always on the road. In exchange for these difficult tasks, you’ll receive breathtaking views of the country, everlasting memories and experiences that not everyone will ever have a shot at. Give yourself some time to feel uncomfortable and disoriented. Once you’ve learned your way around, you’ll have a good laugh at the memories of having to ask yourself, “Where’s the closest gas station?” or “Where’s the best sushi place?” Remember, it’s all part of the exploration!

Use your RV Kitchen!

This is probably the most important tip we can give you. Eating out is fun and a great idea for celebratory reasons, but try not to make a habit of it. You can almost always make something healthier at home, and it’s always cheaper this way. Sure, you’re saving money by living in your RV, but if you’re trying to work on your well-being, don’t ruin it by eating hamburgers and pasta smothered in Alfredo sauce every day. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t test the local delicacies wherever your RV leads you, but in order to stay fit and healthy, use that on-board kitchen. It’s there for a reason!

Keep a Routine

After you’ve adjusted to cooking in a smaller kitchen, the next step is to find a healthy routine that works for you and stick to it. Religiously. We all have days where we just can’t seem to make it out of our pajamas and into regular clothes, and that’s okay! But if you make a habit of it, you’ll find yourself lonely and maybe even depressed. Before it gets that far, find a routine that requires you to be up by a certain time, includes a workout or exercise and fits in some healthy foods every single day. Take advantage of how it feels to wake up early. You’ll find your days will be much more fulfilling if you have time for a cup of coffee or two before you start your day.

Full Time RVing Isn’t Always a Vacation

Sure, most people use their RVs for weekend getaways or to escape their cold state for the winter months, but full-time RVers must have a different point of view. You can and absolutely should enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things, but for full-timers, their RV is their home. If you want to stay healthy and in shape, you’ll have to learn how to adjust your spending, diet and other routines you learned while living in a stationary house. It’s completely possible, and you’ll probably find it to be a bit fun! You’ve lived in a house, apartment or something similar for your whole life. Living in an RV is an unforgettable experience and you’ll love the change and wellness it brings (as long as you do it right).

Unplug Your Phone

Right next to using your kitchen in your RV, this tip is so crucial in your well-being. Staying off your phone as much as possible really helps you feel better inside and out. Social media isn’t healthy for the mind or body, so try to use it just for staying in touch with close friends and family. And no matter how exciting your phone might seem to be at the time, the coolest part of your life is happening right in front of you. If you’re looking down at your screen, you’re going to miss it all! Taking a break from technology can also help you understand the negative impacts it can have on your mind, body and spirit.

RV Living Boosts Your Intellectual Stimulation

RVing requires you to take on all kinds of challenges you’ve never faced before, especially if your new to it. But, having these hurdles to jump are super beneficial in that you’ll feel incredibly accomplished when you overcome them. Not only that, you’ll have a whole new level of self-confidence and problem-solving skills. Along with RVing comes interactions with new people, which also stimulates your brain. Socializing keeps your memory sharp and extends your lifespan.

Keep Your RV Clean

When you have a big house, you have more things and more space to put those things. In an RV, your space is very limited. All it takes to have a cluttered RV is a few misplaced items. So, every morning when you wake up or every night before bed, spend just a few minutes tidying up so you don’t spend your day in utter chaos. It’s also easier to clean as you go instead of cleaning, say, once or twice a week. It won’t seem as much of a dreadful process.

Wellness Tips for Healthy RV Living

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