Ways to Make Money While Traveling

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make money while traveling

When you spend most of your time on the road, chances are you’ve wondered how you planned to make money. Sure, you might have some money saved, but how long will your savings last? Will you have to go home after just a few short weeks of seeing what the world has to offer? Let’s hope not! After plenty of research, we’ve learned there are literally so many ways to make some dough while you’re on the road. All you need to do is to think hard and be creative. Find some of those hidden talents you have and put them to use! The cool thing is that if you can find a way to make money during your travels, you can travel for as long as you want. You see, you won’t be tied to an office chair for 40 hours a week staring at a computer.

Make Money While Traveling

Before we get into examples of the way to make money while traveling, let’s first talk about another opportunity. Let’s say it’s always been a dream for you to pick up and start traveling the world, no matter how it happens. Whether it’s in an RV, a bus or on a plane as a flight attendant. However, bills and responsibilities have gotten in the way of that dream. At your current job, it’s always worth it to inquire about any kind of travel possibilities for the company. If they need someone to go to a meeting in another state, make it well known you’re up for the task! Let’s get into other ways to make some extra cash while traveling.

Freelance Work

You might have some knowledge or a background in writing, programming, design, or any kind of web work, and companies are always looking for freelance workers with the right skills and talent. Freelance work can be found in so many different fields, so even if you think it’s not worth your while, there’s probably some freelance work you’re qualified for. Check out upwork.com or fiverr.com.


People are always posting on Craigslist for some extra help. It could be outdoor help like gardening, farming or general outdoor work. Or maybe someone needs a little extra help around the house tidying up. This is a great way to earn some fast cash!


This is probably the broadest and most versatile way to make some extra cash. It can definitely be about all the marvels and sights you see during your travels, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. It can be about whatever interests you most. Once you start a following, you’ll be able to monetize your website by adding links to products. When someone buys that product using that specific link, you’ll get a commission.

Travel Videos

Everyone is always going to watch a video, and you’re probably already posting and documenting your travels online, so why not take videos of them and try to monetize them? With the right software, equipment, some common sense and a bit of knowledge, you’ll have your videos up for viewing in no time.


Even if you slightly know your way around a camera, your photographs might help someone who isn’t the best at photography. It’s totally possible to sell the photos you take. You can set up your own website and try to sell them to stock photo corporations or travel magazines. The secret isn’t being the best photographer, but it’s the way one sells themselves and their work. It’s all in the marketing!

Volunteer Work

Through volunteer work typically entails no pay, you’ll still get a great experience and you might get to save some of that hard-earned cash by getting room and board for exchange. Take a few minutes researching each of your destinations and see what kind of volunteer work they have available.

Create a Podcast

We’ve talked about blogging, freelance work, and video editing, but some people love to hear about others’ travel. Again, there’s tons of money to be made by creating and consistently adding to a podcast, if you market yourself and your talents the right way.

Construction Work

This is a great option especially for people with a bit of experience because most construction companies pay well and possibly under the table. Some companies might even be looking for temporary work, so you won’t be contracted for any amount of time.

Working on a Cruise Ship

If it’s in your blood to travel and see the world, doing so on a cruise ship while being employed might be a great option for you. You’ll be able to see the world while networking with hundreds of people, including more seasoned travelers and even other employees.


It may sound silly, but making people laugh might encourage them to throw some spare change into your hat. Tons of travelers often make some cash by playing guitar, dancing or singing around the world. You never know what someone might hand you!

Flight Attendant

This might be overlooked by some because it can be classified as a normal job, but it’s anything but that! Depending on where the flight goes, of course, you have the opportunity to visit all these amazing cities that some people only dream about visiting in their lifetime. Flight attendants kind of get the best of both worlds, because they’re able to make money while traveling all while living their dream.

Renting Your Home

If being a flight attendant isn’t exactly the type of commitment you’re looking for and you’d rather stick to travel on the road, you can always rent your home to trustworthy people while you’re gone. If the idea of this is comfortable for you, check out some websites like AirBnB.com that allow you to list your home as a vacancy for a certain period of time.

There are so many more ways to make the money you need for travel and survival. You just need to brainstorm and be creative. Being forced to make money while traveling might also force you to find something you’re good at, even if you had no idea! The trick to making money while living out your dream of traveling is to be unique, creative and always try to always have a plan. If you’ve ever made some cash while traveling, let us know!

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