RV Tips for Your Next Road Trip

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Tips & Tricks

When preparing for you next road trip, it’s important to inspect your RV thoroughly and think through all of the items you are bringing. There is nothing worse than being hundreds of miles away from home and being stranded, missing something, or realizing you really didn’t need to bring the air compressor after all. Here are some RV tips before you take off on your next RV road trip.

Check the RV

The worst thing that could happen is being on the road and suddenly nothing works and you have to delay or postpone your trip. No one wants to spend their vacation at an RV Dealership Service bay and we don’t want you too. The first thing you should do is fully inspect the RV for any issues or problems, especially if it’s been sitting for a while. The most important things to check: make sure the power works in the RV and all devices are receiving proper power levels, (both plugged in and running on the inverter), test devices that run on propane, check water systems are reporting correctly and there are no leaks, and that the waste systems work properly. After that, take the RV for a drive and make sure to listen for any strange noises coming. and that the RV is driving properly and handles okay. Remember, you are taking the RV on a long road trip driving hundreds of miles, make sure to do a thorough inspection and take the RV to get serviced if need be.

Pack accordingly

While this is no secret, packing accordingly can make a big difference on the enjoyment of your road trip. Once you have your road trip planned and have an idea of where you are heading, do some research and find what kind of weather to expect. This will help you pick what type of clothing you need to pack, if you need extra items to maintain the RV in harsh weather conditions, and what types of food to bring, e.g. soup or hot chocolate for cold nights or ice cream for hotter days.

Be light

When on a road trip, you want to be prepared for anything however, it is not practical or efficient to bring everything. Remember that the fuel efficiency, living space, storage space, etc., all rely on how much you pack into the RV. While you need the industrial fan because it gets hot sometimes, 3 tool sets just in case, 2 chairs, a table, a couple of paperback books, all the board games you can think of, (do you see where I’m going with this), remember that everything adds up and eventually you won’t have any room to move. Pick the lighter alternatives to things you need like paper cups, paper plates, plastic silverware, etc. and cut back on things you really don’t need, like bringing the air compressor to fill up the tires because you want to save a couple quarters.

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