Old Accessories That Can Be Turned Into A Mobile Garden

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A mobile garden is something a lot of people tend to overlook when furnishing their RV. Maybe because they aren’t a necessity, or because some may think they take up too much room. There are so many ways around this!

Why have a mobile garden, you ask? Though they take a bit of tending to and can be time consuming, the benefits of gardens are endless. Since most of us are so caught up in technology, gardening can be a hobby that takes the focus away from Facebook, Instagram or work email. Gardening has also been proven to be a huge stress buster, according to CNN. Whether you realize it or not, some of your favorite shows on Netflix are full of stressful situations that you take away even after the episode has ended. Being around plants and flowers can improve ones overall health and make you feel like you’re doing something useful. Who wouldn’t want that?

We understand how much our readers love to be on the road, though, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to turn old accessories into mobile gardens. Hopefully you’ll find a few ideas that will work for you and your RV!

  1. Teacups, coffee cups or mugs.The cool thing about this is that there a literally millions of different cup colors, sixes and designs. Maybe you have too many mugs already and are looking to downsize. Why not plant a small flower or herb in it? They add a touch of elegance or eclecticism to any room. You can spread them throughout your RV or have a little collection of them on an empty counter. There’s no need alter the cups, either. They’re unique and vintage on their own. Just add some soil, a few rocks at the bottom and the plant of your choosing. Done!
  2. Old, rusty toolboxes. If you really want to talk about mobility, let’s talk about old toolboxes. These were meant to be by a mechanic’s side at any given moment, so turning an old one into a mobile garden would be a simple way to not let it go to waste. Have more than one toolbox? Use one as a caddy for all your gardening supplies! You can use either metal or wooden boxes, too. They’re both equally as vintage. You can use a toolbox to plant a variety of flowers, plants or herbs. Succulents would look beautiful in a box, too, if you want a low maintenance option. Toolbox gardens are great because they are so mobile, so you can bring it with you wherever you go in your RV, or you can bring it inside your stationary home if you wanted to keep those plants growing.
  3. Outdated grills. Though these are particularly bulky in size, old gas grills are the perfect example of repurposing old items. These have tons of space so you don’t have to choose between planting flowers, herbs or succulent-like plants. And when it’s time to go, just close the top down and you’re ready to go! The top is especially nice for people in colder weather but still want a small garden. You can use the top as a barrier for ice and snow.
  4. Don’t want soil spilling everywhere in your motorhome? Use an clear CD case.
    this may not hold as many plants as a grill would, so this might be for someone who is wanting a low maintenance option. This is also a good idea if you don’t want soil spilling everywhere when you’re driving your RV. The plastic cover is tall enough for lots of plants! Add some soil, a few succulents, some pebbles and a fairy and you’ve got yourself a mobile fairy garden/terrarium! Unlike a teacup or coffee mug, this would be covered, so succulents or any short plant would work better here.
  5. Herb Garden Kit. Though this isn’t an old accessory, they are pretty neat in that they already have what you need in order to grow herbs. It also takes the difficulty of gardening out of the equation. All you need to do is put in the plant capsules, full it up with water, plug it in and wait for the herbs of your choice to grow. Herb kits are a more expensive option rather than repurposing an old item, but these really do work and they’re worth every penny, especially if you love using fresh ingredients while cooking. This kit is what I use!
  6. Suction cup planters. These are great if you have a smaller RV or don’t have much counter space, because they stick to your windows! This way you won’t have to worry about ensuring your plant is getting enough light. All you need to do is water it regularly and watch it grow. These planters can be attached to pretty much any kind of vertical surface, so you aren’t limited to just a window. A refrigerator or any wall will work just as well.
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