Mary Poppins Practically Perfect Storage Hacks

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This post was sponsored by ObeCo and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Ever meet one of those people who seem to have every conceivable RV tool and trinket imaginable but their RV looks empty and immaculate? It’s like their RV was made by Mary Poppins. They keep pulling out all kinds of stuff but when you look in the carpet bag, it’s empty. Where do they put all that stuff? I hated those people… Until I became one.

The trick to maximizing storage is organization. The trick to organization is using barrier nets and pockets. ObeCo Netgineers have painstakingly researched every nook and cranny in RV’s to figure out ways to turn empty spaces into useful storage.

Maximize Your RV Storage

Barrier Stretch and pocket nets are simple yet delightfully effective netting that can be mounted in several different ways to hold all of your prized possessions in their rightful place.  Imagine after a long day on the road where you finally get parked and leveled and when you open the cabinets for a snack, nothing falls out.  Wouldn’t that be glorious?  How about when you finally sit down to binge-watch TV and can actually find the remotes? This is your blissful, stress-free RV life with Barrier Stretch Nets.

Barrier stretch cubby hole nets can turn the open useless space above cabinets into prime storage real estate.  Easy to install, easy to use, a wonder to behold.

Under bench seats, there are pockets between the frames where you can mount a net and have instant storage for smaller items like books, magazines, shoes, fishing tackle, cans of SPAM, and more! Keep all warranty papers and instruction manuals safely tucked away.  When used under bench seats, Barrier nets divide the larger space into smaller segments.  Use them to sort dirty laundry, give the kiddies separate toy spaces, or keep momma happy with extra linen storage.

Backs of cabinet doors and closets are also hidden opportunities. Paper plates, spices, napkins, and other flatter necessities.  If you have bunk beds, mount the nets them to the ceiling, to the foot of the bed, or the bed above you.

RV bathrooms are notorious for having no storage space.  Their PVC mold-resistant Get Wet Organizer pockets are perfect for keeping those pesky shampoo bottles, creams, and lotions where they belong and not strewn all over the RV.

Toy Hauler areas, basements, and cargo storage walls are a rich target environment for storage. Great for tools, helmets, swimming toys, camping equipment, pool noodles, tailgate party paraphernalia, and don’t forget the Pink Flamingo lawn ornaments.

Barrier Nets and framed pockets come in various shapes and sizes. They can be mounted with countless types of hardware depending on your circumstance. even has a DIY video.  They can help you make custom nets if their standard sizes aren’t quite what you need.  They are simple and easy to make.

When you need to maximize your storage areas, Barrier Stretch Nets, Pockets, and Framed Net Pockets are a practical and economical way to go.  They’re practically perfect in every way.


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