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Sitting on 9 acres of land in Ellington, Connecticut off of Route 83, Lee’s Auto and RV Ranch has established itself as the friendly, family owned, auto and RV dealer that cares about its customers. Starting out with only 2 employees, Lee’s has grown to providing jobs to over 40 today.



As a dealer, Lee’s has created a 1 stop shop, not only do they sell everything from boats, trailers, powersports vehicles, cars, “power diesel” trucks, and RVs too, but they have a “state of the art” body shop and service center as well. If funding is a concern, Lee’s offers financing and will buy your RV for cash. Having all of these products and services available for customers to take advantage of, along with a friendly, non-pushy sales staff and customer satisfaction being the main goal for his company, advertising is done primarily by happy customers telling friends and family about their experience(s).


Body Shop and Service Center

Having started in the Auto Body & Repair business initially, Lee’s is equipped with a top of the line auto body and service center. If you need RV parts, they are one of the few dealers to carry a huge inventory so you can get back on the road ASAP. Lee’s has the ability to service your vehicle from front to back whether its large or small. They will install a/c or rubber coat your roof and they handle warranty and insurance work. If you need service done on a vehicle or trailer, Lee’s can take care of it for you.


RV Rental

If you are not yet ready to buy an RV, you have the option to rent at Lee’s. While they do not have a large number of rental RVs on hand, they do have a variety of types. You are given the choice between motorhome or trailer RV types with various size options. If you are on the fence about whether or not RV ownership is for you or what type fits you best, renting from Lee’s is a solid tool to use for real-life RV experience, before you make your way to the dealer. In case you were worried, looking to buy an RV is not a prerequisite for rental. If you are just looking to take a camping trip and not sleep with the bugs and snakes on the ground, then RV rental is a great choice.



Lee’s will take just about any type of vehicle as trade for what you want from their inventory. Since they carry such a large, varied inventory, they will work with you. Holding true to their goal of ensuring the satisfaction of each and every customer, they will take trades of any type of vehicle towards any type of vehicle they carry. If, for some reason, you have 14 motorcycles, a jet ski, and a hatchback car and are looking to purchase a 5th wheel, bring them down and Lee’s will work with you. They may even be willing to help transport your 16 vehicles down, if you talk with them beforehand, considering how much they want to serve their customers.


Handyman Special

For the DIY type of girl or guy, Lee’s offers a “Handyman Special” on their dealer site. This is typically a low-priced unit that may need a little TLC to have the perfect look or is older than most people like, but otherwise a great find for those that keep up with the necessary maintenance.


Customer Reviews

Here are what customers have said about Lee’s Auto and RV Ranch on social media platforms:

“Sal in Sales and Charlette in RV Service are fabulous. Traded my tiny camper for slightly larger one. Given fair price on trade and reasonable price for new one. After short “shake-out” trip, I called with a list of small issues that needed fixing. Charlette scheduled a date to fix everything and was good to her word. One fix wasn’t possible so they simply swapped out the defective equipment for other that worked that was in a camper on their sales lot so I wouldn’t have to make a lengthy trip if they’d ordered one. Can’t say enough good things about this dealership! Lee’s is terrific!”


“Big shout out to the crew at Lee’s Auto & RV Ranch. Our salesman and all around good guy, Nick Wargo took great care of us and saw to it that we were comfortable during the process of buying our Wildcat X Limited. He also honored the lower price I found on Arctic Cats website and applied it to the sale. And what really stood out in my opinion was when he showed me the dry rot on the tires of the trailer I was also buying and had them replaced with brand new ones. I would be re-missed if I didn’t mention our finance person, Jennifer for making the process easy and very relaxing. Sal gets an honorable mention as well for not only being a nice guy, but for also directing me to the folks with Wildcat knowledge. Thanks as well to the young man who took me out back for a test drive. Everyone is worth the five stars.”

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