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If you’re looking for a dealer that has an endless selection and great service, this week’s featured dealer is your place! Lazydays RV has built a status of being one of the top RV dealers in the nation and offers every customer an unparalleled service.


About Lazydays RV

Lazydays RV was established in 1976 in Tampa, Florida and has been a thriving part of the community there ever since. Because of their success in the Tampa area, their business has grown and now includes 4 other locations spanning across Arizona and Colorado. Each location offers a variety of brands and models with a staff that is dedicated to giving you the best buying experience possible. This RV dealer is not only focused on their customers but on their employees and the community as well. Every location has given significant donations to help at risk children in the area. They strive to be a part of their customers lives and community. No one is just another sale to this dealer. Lazydays will always go above and beyond to ensure that every customer has exactly what they need for their RV!




With an inventory of over 2,500 RV’s, finding one that is a perfect fit for each customer is made easier! The staff is focused on learning exactly what the customer wants and needs and giving everyone a quality experience. The dealer has been named  to have the nation’s largest selection of luxury diesel pushers and the most knowledgeable staff in the industry! Whether you are looking for a brand new luxury RV or a used starter RV, this is the place for you. You are guaranteed to enjoy your experience when you shop here!

If you aren’t local, they have options for you too! The Lazydays Fly & Drive program flies potential customers out to the dealership to see the RV in person and allows them to purchase it and drive it home with 14 nights of free camping!



If you aren’t sold on an RV yet or love to travel but don’t want to spend all the money to buy an RV, we suggest taking advantage of Lazydays’ rental RV program! With RV rentals available at every location, you can rent whatever type of camper you want! The offer high end and luxurious units, for a low price. Enjoy the fun of RVing without the cost of an RV! The rental program opens doors to meet even more customer’s needs! Whether you want to try out an RV or have a fun family vacation, this is perfect for you!



Each Lazydays not only has a gift shop are, but also a full accessories and part shop as well. To them, being part of your RV journey means they’re responsible for helping you find every part you could need! You can check out their online inventory or stop by in store and see what they have available.



Lazydays has expanded to include not only dealerships but campgrounds as well. Because they are focused on the customer’s satisfaction and overall experience, all of their campgrounds are top of the line. The site at the Tampa location is now an RV resort and serves customers of Lazydays and other RVers alike! The cost is cheap and the atmosphere is fun, so be sure to stop by on our next RV trip!


Repairs & Maintenance

Over the 5 location Lazydays has, there are 300 service bays to accommodate every RV need you have! Whether your vehicle needs a routine service, accident repair, paint job or maintenance, Lazydays’ technicians and repair crew are more than prepared to polish and fix! The service is quality and you won’t be disappointed!



Customers love the atmosphere that Lazydays has created in their dealership. Reviews rave about the quality customer service shown to every individual and the expertise that is conveyed. One review even dubbed it “The Disney World of Camping!”

With the vast selection of RV’s, you won’t find a dealer that is more likely to have exactly what you’re looking for! Stop by any of their 5 location or give them a call at 800-306-4002 to learn more! We guarantee you won’t regret it!

All photos courtesy of Lazydays RV.

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