Camping brings to mind family gathering, late night camp fires, and of course FOOD! has a collection of camping recipes submitted by our RV community of their favorite meals, side dishes, and desserts! You can also jump over to our Pinterest page where we’ve gathered some of the best recipes and ideas on the net. These recipes are so good, they’ll have you planning your next trip. Of course, planning your trip ahead of time and figuring out what meals you’ll be eating is a crucial part of having a successful trip.  We recommend developing a meal plan, and stocking up on the ingredients needed for your recipes prior to your trip. You may not be able to run to the grocery store once you’re at your destination for things that you may have forgotten.  It also makes the trip less stressful when you know what you’ll be having each day.

Here’s our meal plan sample & suggestions for a day of camping & RVing:


Start your day off with this One Skillet Breakfast.  Power up for long hikes, or a day drifting on the water with potatoes, sausage, eggs, onions, and cheese!  Looking for a sweeter start to the day?  Campfire French Toast with strawberries can be prepped in 5 minutes, thrown on the campfire or grill for 40 minutes, and it’s ready to serve 6 people.


Hot dogs, Slaw dogs, Coney dogs!  Hotdogs cooked on a stick over an open flame smothered in your favorite toppings are hard to beat.  You can mix up this recipe for Hot Dog Surprize by adding potatoes & kraut.  Don’t forget to pair your hot dog with Cowboy Beans to complete the meal.


Cranberry Salsa & Tortilla Chips can be a cool summertime treat or holiday camping snack. With only 5 ingredients, this salsa is bursting with flavors of sweet & spicy. If you’ve spent a lot of energy earlier in the day, you may be looking for something to refuel.  A healthy balance of peanut butter, soft tortillas, slices of banana and optional honey or chocolate chips in the Grilled Peanut Butter & Banana Quesadillas makes for a perfect snack.


Keep it simple by grilling your favorite meat and adding some delicious sides.  Prep your sides first, wrap them in foil, and throw them on the grill before starting the meat.  Foiled Italian Green Beans & Foiled Cheesy Potatoes are two great sides to add to any meat choice, and will make it a balanced meal.


There is one dessert that goes hand in hand with camping, S’mores! Roasting marshmallows over the campfire and wedging them between graham crackers and chocolate makes for the perfect dessert and wonderful memories. If you love S’mores and want to step it up a notch, you can try the Campfire Surprise (basically a banana boat filled with S’mores!).

Here are a few reminders to help you meal plan for your trip

  • Make a list of the meals you will have for each day that you are camping.
  • Create a list of ingredients for each meal.  Look over this list to see if you have items that are used in more than one meal so that you can buy the bulk amount (ex: eggs, potatoes, butter).
  • Decide what you will need to cook each meal from skillets, pots, and aluminum foil to utensils, spoons, and knives.
  • Bring along everything you need to eat your meals including, bowls, plates, mugs, and silverware.
  • Don’t forget about your clean up items!

Once you’ve got your meals planned out, there’s nothing left to do but hit the road and enjoy your camping trip!

Do you have a favorite camping recipe? If, so we’d love to hear it!  Leave your recipe in the comments, and we’ll add it to

Happy Camping!



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