You’ve packed all your camping foods for your camping trip, including your s’mores ingredients, your drinks, your trail mix, but what’s for dinner? Hot dogs are a quick, versatile and delicious way to fill up your belly after a long day of hiking, swimming or your favorite outdoor activity. We know they can get kind of boring, so we went on a search to find some unique recipes for you! And with National Hot Dog Day coming up on July 18th, it’s definitely time to celebrate. Below are some awesome recipes we’ve collected for our readers who love campfire hot dogs. 

1. Campfire Pigs In A Blanket– With only three ingredients, this recipe couldn’t get any easier! 

2. Cheesy Bacon Hot Dogs– This recipe calls for only three ingredients too, and you can stuff the hot dogs ahead of time and wrap in foil. Then jut pop them on the grill or on top of the campfire when you’re ready to eat. 

Campfire Pigs In A Blanket (photo: Delish)

3. Campfire Hot Dog and Potato Packets – A completely different way to enjoy hot dogs, this recipe needs a few more ingredients, but no one likes a bland potato! Just toss everything in a bit of foil then put on the grill and you’re done! 

4. Campfire Hot Dog Spiders– This is a great one for kids! It’s simply a hot dog sliced in a way that gives it legs, fingers, arms, etc. Whatever limbs your kids can come up with!

Sweet and Spicy Hot Dog (photo: Gravel and Dine)

5. How about a sweet and spicy hot dog that you can make indoor or outdoor? We thought you’d like it, too. 

6. Hot Dog Soup?!?! Count us in. All it takes is a few cans and some hot dogs and you’ve got yourself a steaming hot bowl of soup to warm up on a col weather hiking trip. 

7. Cowboy Hot Dogs – With so many different options for topping, these can easily please the basic hot dog fan to those with adventurous palates! 

Cowboy Hot Dogs (photo: Sunset)

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