7 Must Have Gadgets for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

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Hiking with friends

While we may have worked our way through a less than friendly environment to get to the point we are at now, that does not mean when we go camping we cannot avoid some of the unnecessary risks or inconveniences that go along with it. That being said, these gadgets are not absolutely necessary for a survival situation, but they help to make your next camping/hiking/hunting/fishing trip more enjoyable.






The first gadget to make your next camping trip better is the ‘Lifestraw’. This handy device allows you to drink from virtually any water source without worry of becoming infested with whatever parasites call that water home. Able to filter 1,000 liters of water, this product is a good idea to have on standby for camping or an emergency situation. While our cave dwelling ancestors did not have access to the Lifestraw, it is a better option than spending the day evacuating your bowels or even death because you want a more authentic camping experience.





 Anker 21W Solar charger

With all of the recent natural disasters, the Anker 21W Solar charger is a get option to have on standby in every household. The rugged exterior makes this accessory perfect for your outdoor excursions and its lightweight portability gives added incentive to bring it along on your trip. To use it, you simply unfold the panels, place it in the sun and connect your electronic device(s) to one of the two USB ports. The eye-holes allow the Anker 21W Solar charger to be easily attached to a backpack or tent or tree so you can set it up and leave it be. This device also features an “intelligent charge” that replicates the charging protocol for the device it is charging, so you don’t damage the battery’s use time like you would with a single generic charging style.





BioLite CampStove

If you are looking for more certainty in your electronic devices charger, the BioLite CampStove may be the way to go. Solar panels are great clean energy sources, but their efficiency relies on one main component, the sun being out. For the times when the sun isn’t as accessible as you would like, the BioLite CampStove is ready to save the day (more than likely the night). Using thermoelectric energy, the BioLite CampStove can charge your electronic devices with the same energy source you use to cook and keep warm with. It comes with some “fire starters” (think mini presto logs), but you do need to scavenge your own wood from what is available around you if you don’t plan on walking around with wood all day. They currently offer a gen 2 version of the BioLite CampStove that puts out more power for larger devices and gives a more accurate rating for the strength of your fire.





Handpresso Outdoor Set

For all of you crazy caffeine fiends out there that can’t make it more than a few hours without some bean juice, the Handpresso Outdoor Set is your saving grace. This nifty little gadget works with both coffee grounds and the pods so you can always squeeze those beans for all they are worth. The kit comes with 4 cups, a thermos and carrying case in addition to the Handpresso, but you can get the device separately as well. If you are a certified “Bean Fiend” and out camping, the Handpresso Outdoor Set is for you.





CampBro inflatable air mattress

When it is time to call it a day or if you are in need of a nap mid journey, the CampBro inflatable air mattress is a great addition to your kit. Fitting nicely in a handheld storage pouch is just the tip of the benefits of this camping luxury item. According to Campbro, the pad takes about 10-15 breaths to fill up and is made of a polyester waterproof blend in case mother nature decides it’s time for a shower. Certain buying options even include a cooling towel that retains water and works to keep you cool when the sun is being overly aggressive.






If you are looking to do some hardcore exploration or just out with some friends, it is always a good plan to be able to let others know where you are and if you need help. The GOTELE helps you do just that, all for a reasonable cost (especially if you get some from their Indiegogo page before prices go up). Once the app is downloaded for Apple or Android smartphones, the GOTELE device allows you to send and receive texts from team members and send out an SOS if your phone is dead. You can also see others on your team via your smartphone with the help of pre-downloaded maps, so there is no need to worry about not being able to use the feature without cell service.






Sight is one of our most used senses and very important when you are navigating foreign terrain in the wild. With the added dangers when in the wilderness, it is essential to have a reliable light source readily available. The LuminAID provides that and more. Not only does it have the option of solar charging and 5 light settings, but it can be used as a power supply for your electronics as well. It takes around 10 hours to fully charge in the sun or 1-2 hours via USB input according to the manufacturer. The functionality and portability of this light make it a must have for camping and home life.



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