While traveling long hours on the road, it can be frustrating for RVers to find an RV resort or campground when an unexpected break is needed. Sometimes, you might not even be able to find a resort that has any available sites. If you haven’t made your reservations 6 months in advance, knowing exactly where you would go and when you would be there, where do you park your RV? It’s not as simple as parking wherever you find an empty spot somewhere because there are consequences for that. However, it is as simple as knowing exactly where to go when you’re completely out of options.

Whenever you can’t find spots at a campground and don’t want to risk parking anywhere you could get in trouble for, think about these 4 last-resort places:



Laughlin, Nevada, USA - January 2, 2012: The downtown street area of the casino resort town of Laughlin, Nevada is shown here at dusk in early January 2012. As is customary in Laughlin, the parking lot below is full of RVs. The sign to the right is from Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort and Casino and the building to the left is the Aquarius Casino Resort.

Parking at a casino, or also known as casino camping, is becoming more and more popular. Most casinos around the country are RV-friendly. They allows RVs to park whenever there are available spaces. A lot of casinos offer free parking but on busy weekends and holidays, they may charge a small fee. A good tip is to always call ahead and ask for permission or whether there are any spots available for an RV. Most casinos only offer spots to patrons, and since casinos are highly known for late night food specials, it’s a good place for you to park your RV. It’s definitely the best way you could find yourself waking up in a casino parking lot.


Truck Stops

Stopping at a roadside gas station with the RV to fill up

Truck stops are a great place for you to park your RV. They have showers, bathrooms, gas, diesel, food and drinks, and they are absolutely everywhere around the country. They aren’t just for trucks either! The best thing about parking your RV at a truck stop is that most of them have a free dump site so you can empty your waste tanks. Sometimes the truck stops will even have wifi for a small fee. You can even catch up with laundry while you are there. With every truck stop accumulating the different cultures of truckers for years, you’re bound to meet some interesting people on your night’s stay.

A truck stop will have everything you need. It’s a business built on people passing through.



Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada - May 14, 2016: European recreational vehicles camping overnight in a Walmart parking lot.

Another convenient place that welcomes RVers in need of parking is Walmart. Some Walmarts even have designated parking spots painted for RVs. Although Walmart encourages RVers to park in the lot when needed, don’t always assume that the Walmart you’re at accepts it. They may be bound by their local city rules and laws. Always walk in and ask the manager, and they will be able to direct you to a parking place that works the best for you and the business. With everything you could possibly need at the lowest price, it’s best to show your appreciation by doing a little shopping at the Walmart that is allowing you to park overnight.


Cracker Barrel

Indianapolis, US - June 17, 2016: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Location. Cracker Barrel Serves Homestyle Food II

Even if you’re new to the RVing lifestyle, you’ve probably seen plenty of RVs and semi trucks parked at restaurants like Cracker Barrel. This is because Cracker Barrel is one of the most inviting places for you to park your RV. They even have a map that shows you every location that offers RV parking. Even with the map, it’s always good practice to call the store manager and ask if they allow overnight RV parking and if there are any spaces available.  You should also always introduce yourselves so they know who is parked outside and if they have any specific rules for overnight parking. Along with amazing southern comfort food, all Cracker Barrels have a unique store and are different based on where you are in the country, so it’s a perfect place for souvenirs.


Whether you’re in a tough jam or just trying to reduce RVing costs, these 4 unique places are great backup plans. If you ever need to find a campground or resort near you is, check the RVUSA campground finder. RVUSA is proud to be your RVing guide for destinations, RV news, shows and more.

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  1. There is a huge problem that truckers across the nation are facing, and that is lack of parking, they are required by law to stop and park for 10 hrs after driving 11 hrs. It can be almost impossible in some areas of the country to find a truck parking space. Be aware of this when taking a space at a truck stop.


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