10 Things to Do Before Going on a Camping Trip

by | May 15, 2019 | Guest Posts | 0 comments

With summer fast approaching, you may be thinking of taking the family on an excursion to get back to nature. What better way to do that than an RV camping trip? Unplugging and getting away from it all can have its share of challenges, of course. Here are ten helpful tips to make your family trip safe, fun, and memorable.

1. Plan activities for the whole family

If your kids are increasingly glued to their phones, it might be difficult to keep them engaged. Before you hit the road to get to the campsite, come up with several fun activities the family can enjoy together.

2. Schedule consistent workouts

It’s tempting to skip your workouts while on vacation. But staying active and healthy can help you enjoy your camping trip even more. Be sure to pack a few changes of your favorite activewear outfits.

3. Pack the essentials

Before you leave, make sure everyone has the gear they need for the trip. If you’re planning on hiking or backpacking for the night, make sure everyone has something to keep their things in. There’s nothing wrong with s’mores by the campfire in the evening but be sure to stock your RV’s fridge with healthy and flavorful foods you and your kids will enjoy. Snacking is fine, just do it smartly.

4. Commit to staying off of social media

It might be tempting to post that gorgeous sunset to Instagram or post road trip hijinks on Facebook, but it also advertises you are away from your home. That can be an advertisement to potential burglars. Wait until you return home before you share all your beautiful family photos.

5. Secure your home

A few simple steps can give you peace of mind you’ll arrive back home to find it just as you left it. Contact your post office and have them hold your mail. Give a spare key to a trusted friend or neighbor and ask them to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. If you can, invest in a home security system.

6. Turn your appliances off

Don’t let your air conditioner cool an empty house—check your appliances before you leave and make sure they’re not running while you’re away. Otherwise, your electricity bills will be sky high. Energy efficiency not only protects the environment, it also protects your wallet.

7. Put together a first-aid kit

Gauze and antiseptic are just a couple of the important items in a basic first aid kit. Make sure to put together a complete kit and include all prescriptions for your family as well.

8. Don’t forget sunscreen

Even if you don’t often burn in the sun, a quality sunscreen is vital. Also remember to pack after-sun care, such as aloe. Go for pure aloe vera if possible and avoid heavily perfumed options.

9. Prepare to keep the bugs away

Don’t let mosquitoes and ticks ruin nature for you and your family. Lyme Disease, a tick-borne illness, can be serious. Be sure to take precautions against getting bitten in the first place.

10. Pack your food in sealed containers

Sure, ticks are scary. But so are bears. Keep your food in your RV or in sealed containers so bears won’t be tempted to sniff around your campsite.

With these ten easy tips, you’ll be sure to make wonderful camping memories that will last a lifetime. Keep them in mind as you plan and have worry-free fun with your family.

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