6 Ways to Keep in Shape on the Road

by | Mar 16, 2018 | RV Buyer's Guide, Tips & Tricks

Fitness isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is something that’s important to the body and mind. Even if you’re on the go, fitness and health should still be at the top of your priority list. So don’t let that workout routine and healthy lifestyle come to an end while traveling! Here, we’ve created a list of ways to keep up with your regular workout routine whether you’re on the road, camping, or have a few minutes to spare between work and family time.

Keep a regular sleep schedule.


This can be especially difficult when you’re trying to juggle a million things at one time, whether those things are work, school, kids, family matters, or simply the stresses of life. Try to go to bed early and give yourself plenty of time to wind down beforehand. Waking up early will allow time for a morning workout and you’ll feel better throughout the day. You’ll also be able to see the sun rise! It’s tempting to stay up late when you’re on vacation, but going to bed at the same time each night has its rewards. Once you get yourself in a routine, the rest of your healthy habits will fall into place.

Pack a few sets of gym clothes in your suitcase.


If you always have a set of workout clothes and tennis shoes to change into, you’ll never have an excuse not to go! All you really need is a t shirt, shorts and athletic shoes. You can even bring your own equipment (to a certain extent) with you! Looking for some cardio? Pack a jump rope to get your heartbeat up. Needing to build up your strength? There are dumbbells that you can fill with water before each use. Neat!

Always have quick, healthy snacks available.


This includes a little bit of meal prepping and planning ahead, but again, it’ll be worth your efforts in the long run. By having premade munchies at the ready, it’s not as easy to be tempted by those crunchy, salty chips or sweet, chewy cookies. There are tons of options for healthy snacks, too. And they don’t all have to taste bad. Air pop a massive batch of popcorn kernels with a few tablespoons of oil a sprinkle of salt and divide into snack bags. Chop up some carrot sticks with low fat ranch or hummus. Or slice an apple or banana with peanut butter. Still too much work? Buy small packs of almonds and stash them around your RV or in your hiking backpack. And don’t forget to keep water with you everywhere you go!

Make anywhere and everywhere a good place to work out.


Finding a gym isn’t always a luxury while on the road or traveling. In this case, it’s best to be flexible. Wake up early, find a scenic hiking trail and go for a run. Not an early riser? Split your routine in half and work out in the morning then again before when the sun goes down. It doesn’t have to be at the same time. You can even do it in short, 10-15 minute intervals throughout the day. If you find places to exercise, you won’t give yourself any excuses to not squeeze in a few jumping jacks or crunches.

Start your day with a huge, hearty breakfast.


We’ve heard this before. Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. It starts your day and metabolism off right. It can be difficult to make a big breakfast instead of grabbing a granola bar and head out for the day when camping, but a bigger breakfast really is better for you. It helps you stay fuller longer and it curbs your appetite. And it gives you energy to do those workouts! If you aren’t too hungry when you wake up, that’s okay too! It doesn’t have to be as soon as you wake up. It’s just important to make your first meal of the day the biggest.

Do some research on nearby gyms ahead of time.


You may not be able to find a gym close to your destination, but at least you’ll know if you need to pack your own workout materials. Planning when and where your workouts will be will also get you in a healthy and focused mindset, which will help you succeed in the long run. If you can’t find a gym, there are so many other options. While stopping for gas, you can do push-ups on the side of your car (remember your workout doesn’t have to be all at once). And of course you can put those hiking trails to use with long, leisurely walks or short brisk walks. Just as long as you’re doing some sort of physical activity in order to not fall off your regular exercise schedule.

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