Vintage Camper Decor for Your Home or RV

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There are so many ways to decorate stationery homes, so why stop there? You spend so much time in your RV or motorhome, so now is the time to make it as homey as ever! You can make it as simple or as complex as you want by adding a few accessories here and there, or by taking a weekend to change the wallpaper.

While older RVs aren’t exactly known for having elaborate or stylish interiors, new models are made to stand out and impress everyone that takes a peek inside. Some of us refuse to part ways with our RV we’ve had for decades and some of us simply can’t afford a brand new one. You don’t have to throw away your brown couch or live with those bland, tan walls forever. is your guide for creating an updated, more unique version of your RV!

  1. Lights everywhere! You can never have too much light, and with all the different kinds now, the ideas are endless. Stuff some fairy lights into a mason jar for a quick decor idea. Or purchase flameless candles for a safe, cozy way to enjoy more lighting.
  2. Start an indoor herb garden. Plants can give a vibrant feel to just about any space you have. For a vintage feel, pot your herbs or plants in metal buckets or even use an old wheelbarrow and roll it out when you’ve reached your destination. No chance of a green thumb? Try out a terrarium instead. They’re low maintenance, small and add a touch of modern decor to your vintage RV.
  3. Add light pink tiles to your bathroom. Pink tiles were a huge trend in the 40s and 50s, and they may be making the biggest comeback ever in homes and RVs. They’re the perfect way to continue your vintage theme in all rooms. Add in a few white or beige hand towels and you’ve got yourself a stylish, vintage bathroom.
  4. Install open shelves. This will work especially if you have vintage kitchen utensils and appliances. You can use them as decor too! Just be sure to secure them before you head out on the road. Check out this website for some neat vintage accessories.
  5. Add bright colors and patterns literally anywhere you have room. Besides mirrors, nothing brightens up a small room more than brights and neons. If you don’t want to fully commit and paint the inside of your RV, you can always reupholster your couch and chairs with a more vintage pattern. Or, for a quick make over, simply add a few throw pillows and blankets with fun colors over the couch. And it doesn’t have to stop there! Find some fun colored kitchen accessories to keep the style going in other rooms.
  6. Wallpaper. This paired with a few vintage accessories and you’ve got a brand new interior to your RV. This is a commitment, yes, but if you’re really looking to have the most vintage RV interior, wallpaper is your best bet for finding unique wall patterns. It brings the theme of your RV together and really catches the eye the second you walk in the door! Can’t decide on a pattern? You can’t go wrong with a floral print for the optimum vintage style.
  7. . Don’t forget about curtains, either. They’re easy to hang and change when you need a new look. Take a trip to your local thrift store and see what kind of bright colored throw pillows you can find. Or, hit up a fabric store and DIY.   Your throw pillows are most likely old, too, so don’t forget to add a bit more stuffing for ultimate relaxation! Here’s some instructions on how to recover a not-so-pretty pillow with your favorite pattern.
  8. Don’t forget to show some love to the exterior. You can do the same thing here with bright colors. Sure, having a bright pink or crazy colored RV definitely isn’t normal, but who decided all RVs have to be the same? To make things easier and flow better, choose just a few colors and work with those throughout the inside and out of your RV. You can do red, white and blue for a patriotic theme or maybe nudes, greens and browns for a earthy feel. To make your RV really vintage, find some mustards, burnt oranges and that 70s green for a total hippie vibe!
  9. Take vintage outdoor necessities with you to keep the theme going outside, too. You’ll be camping, so chances are, unless it’s raining, you won’t be spending much time in your RV. If you’re theme has those earthy tones we were talking about, pack some green folding chairs and maybe beige and green blankets for your time outdoors.
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