Travel Tuesday Featured Destination: Huntington Beach State Park

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Happy Travel Tuesday to all the RVers still looking for a summer getaway! We know just the place for you to go before the season is over. Huntington Beach State Park is an ideal destination for your next vacation. Here you have the option to enjoy the beach or nature.


Atalaya at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina.



Affectionately known by many as the “Jewel of the Grand Strand”, Huntington Beach State Park is a South Carolina landmark that spans 2500 acres and offers a wide variety of activities and attractions to those that visit. At its heart stands an extravagant, Moorish-style, castle originally called home by Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington. Originally opened to the public in 1960, this treasure trove of natural and man-made scenery has delighted and inspired visitors for over 55 years. Boasting everything from hiking paths to local art events and a beautiful white-sand beach, Huntington Beach State Park is a must-see for explorers with a taste for virtually any genre of activity.


Boardwalk in Huntington Beach State Park.


Spanning portions of the 2500 acres of land that makes up Huntington Beach State Park are several hiking trails that offer a visually stimulating experience to those that participate. If you fancy yourself a “nature buff” these trails are worth experiencing first hand.

The Sandpiper Pond Trail is a 2-mile hike with connections to the park campgrounds as well as the beach and parking area. Along the way you will come across informative signage about the area as you venture through forested areas along the western side of the pond.

With opportunities to explore like the Sandpiper Pond Trail (above), Kerrigan Nature Trail, the Salt Marsh Boardwalk, and the beach itself, hiking enthusiasts will find themselves with plenty to do at Huntington Beach State Park.


Photo Credit


If experiencing our feathered friends in their natural habitat is what you are after, Huntington Beach is the perfect place to “wet your beak”. Huntington has a large amount of protected area that gives visitors a chance to see the wildlife without interference from the recreation activities of others. Providing access to a variety of platforms for birding, Huntington makes for a memorable trip filled with the opportunity to take great photos and even complete a free checklist offered by the parks Education Center.




Though Huntington Beach State Park has a primary focus of nature and ways to experience it, which typically caters to spur of the moment activities, scheduled events are plentiful year round. One of the most notable events that the park hosts is an arts and crafts festival that takes place each year in September. This festival attracts thousands of art enthusiasts to the area each year to sell, buy, or simply enjoy what has been created. The art festival is not the only event offered by the park, you can find more HERE.




If you find yourself wanting to go beyond Huntington Beach State Park and interact with the locales or just see more of what South Carolina has to offer, Myrtle Beach is a short 30-minute trip north. If you prefer to head south from Huntington Beach there are several fishing and golf clubs worth looking into within a reasonable distance.



Unique Amenities

Having both fresh and salt water bodies within the parks limits gives the unique opportunity for guests to witness some of the most interesting and breathtaking animals South Carolina has to offer. Alligators and Sea turtles are just a couple examples of wildlife you’ll have the chance to experience here.


Whether you are packing a tent to fully experience all nature has to offer or looking for a “full hookup” site to maintain more control of your environment, Huntington Beach State Park has the ability to accommodate you. As an added convenience, complimentary Wi-Fi is offered throughout the campground and visitor center so you can be sure not to miss a thing by checking their site.


When you are deciding what destination to put into your GPS, Huntington Beach State Park should definitely be a contender. With something to offer for everyone on your trip, this is one park that you should experience all of.

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