Catch the Sun Rise in the East & watch it set in the West

If you live on the East Coast, the beach is always a prime destination to visit year-round but it’s always better to visit before October. Although everyone loves visiting the beach, it can become a mundane routine of showing up, getting sunburned and leaving a couple days later just a little bit tanner. This Labor Day Weekend switch it up and cross something off our bucket list! Take a day at one of our fine beaches on the East coast and get a glimpse at the beauty of a sunrise over the Atlantic. Then, travel 3,000 miles discovering landmarks, natural wonders, different cultures and end up on the West Coast where you can relax and watch the sun set under the Pacific. How long it takes you to get there, what you decide to do along the way is completely up to you!

View towards Monument Valley from the US Route 163 in Utah.

Check out this comprehensive guide for 11 different routes to discover America.

Here are some interesting routes you could follow:

  • The Loneliest Road
    • This 3,200-mile trip takes you from coast to coast (see above!) through 12 states, including the nation’s capital. Pass through hundreds of small towns all the while discovering natural wonders, deserts and huge mountains!
  • The Oregon Trail
    • Travel 3,300 miles from Oregon to Massachusetts, or vice versa. Visit Mt. Rushmore and Carhenge, pass through the Great Plains, and experience the beauty of Cape Cod. All the while tracing the footsteps of the pioneers who settled the West and riding with Paul Revere along the Mohawk Trail.
  • Appalachian Trail
    • Hike it, drive it, it’s up to you but it’s a trail to follow nonetheless. With countless sites and beautiful scenery along the way, it’s definitely a hike or drive that you will not regret!


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