Toy Hauler Garage Transformations

by | Mar 11, 2019 | RV Spotlight

Whether you’re a pro at RVing full-time or you’re just starting out, you’ll find yourself always looking to maximize the space you have. One way many RVers choose to do this is by changing or modifying the space they already have. Bigger rigs come standard with more space, but if you have a smaller RV like a toy hauler, it’s crucial to get a bit creative when coming up with more space.

We’re going to talk about some way you can transform your own toy hauler that gives you more space for your life on the road, and then we’ll look at some stunning toy hauler makeovers that will give you inspiration!

Transforming Your Toy Hauler Garage

The first thing to think about when you plan on transforming is why you’ll need to change your space in the first place. Do you need more sleeping areas? Is it just more storage space you need? Do you work while you travel and need an office area? The good thing about deciding to transform a toy hauler above any other RV is that they offer lots of room for customization, because you don’t have sinks, ovens, beds and other big appliances to work around or remove. In a toy hauler, you have four walls and a floor and not much else to get in the way of your creative side!


Once you’ve narrowed down your reason for change, a good idea is to take a look at the floor of your toy hauler. If you’ve been using your hauler to actually haul toys, that specific part of the floor might be covered in dirt, grime and grease. A great, cheap option to cover that up is vinyl. It wears well and you won’t have to worry about water ruining it. On the other hand, you won’t need much material to cover your whole floor, so you can splurge on a nicer material if you want. You can also lay carpet, which gets dirty quickly but is relatively inexpensive and pretty easy to replace once it gets too nasty or if you get tired of looking at the same flooring! If you do plan on replacing it often, just don’t attach it in any way.

Window Insulation

This is most people’s major source of heat loss in their RV. There’s nothing worse than crawling into bed after a long day and not being able to fall asleep because it’s just too cold inside your toy hauler, even with the heat on. In stationary houses, double-paned windows are used to help keep the heat in and the cold out. In RVs, single-paned windows are used and aren’t as effective as double-paned. Luckily, there’s a product called Reflectix that’s used for better insulation of windows. You can also use a blanket or pillowcases for a thermal barrier.

Storage Space

by Bethany Bauman via

Now that you’ve got your floors covered with the perfect material and the windows insulated, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and add as much storage space as you can. Toy haulers are small, but that doesn’t mean they’re too small for all your favorite belongings. One of the best ways to do this is to build up instead of out. Think bunk beds! During this family’s toy hauler transformation, they decided to build bunk beds on both sides of their hauler for their four boys. Under the bottom bunk is the sweet spot for storage! Since it’s lifted off the ground, you can use this space for just about anything. Building up also gives the illusion that your space is much bigger than it actually is.

Other ideas include having custom shelves built in for things like shoes and books and purchasing an ottoman to place at the foot of your bed. An ottoman will provide you with extra storage space and a place to sit as well. You can also find storage beds, which are made to have storage space under the mattress for out of season clothes, extra blankets, etc. Some RVs even come with coolers under the beds!

Create the Illusion of More Space

There’s no debate over the fact that toy haulers are small. But there are lots of ways to use the space you have and to make it seem like there’s more space than there actually is.

One way to create the illusion of more space is to hang any of your drapery as close to the ceiling as you can. It’ll elongate your space and make it seem wider, too. Hanging curtains up high will bring the eye up, and it’s a great tip for any small space!


A Few More Things…

  • You’ll want to add lots of seating space and sleeping areas. The vertical bed-lift is probably the best way to do this and comes in a lot of toy haulers these days, but they aren’t always for all budgets. Wall mount sofas are a great option for those with smaller budgets and space. They provide both sleeping and seating space that is comfortable and efficient.
  • When you go to find your decorations for your newly renovated toy hauler, you’ll want to find similar colors, windows and flooring. For drapery, make sure you find similar light fixtures and fittings, skirting and curtains.
  • If you can add in an extra window or two, do it! You won’t be disappointed with the views you’ll get from inside your toy hauler when it’s just too cold to be outside. You’ll also get that natural lighting and warmth from the sun as it shines through the windows.

Now that you’ve got a few ideas on how to transform your space, take a look at what others have done to theirs!


This couple needed an office space, so they added a fold-down table they found at IKEA into their toy hauler. Check out how it easy it was for them to install here!

RVer Shanna and her husband wanted to renovate their RV with the option of going back to its original style and purpose, so they screwed down a subfloor and used peel-and-stick laminate flooring for a temporary upgrade for their daughter’s bedroom.

Photo: Shanna Jacobson

Of course, RVers are always looking for ways to add more storage space, and this family was most definitely successful in doing so! The Bauman fam added cabinets to their multipurpose room. See more from their DIY project here.

For the ultimate budget-friendly RV, this married couple found a way to travel cross-country using just their car and a teardrop trailer. The couple said they only spent about $3,000 building it. Check out their trailer here.

Now it’s your turn! Set forth and transform. If you’ve already renovated your space, let us see how you live in the comments.

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