Top 10 Camper Storage and Organizational Hacks

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Camper Storage and Organizational hacks

No matter if you are full timing, part timing, or just camping on the weekends, the one problem so many campers have in common is lack of storage and organization. There isn’t always a ton of space available in campers for storage, but with a little creativity, you can turn small spaces into organizational masterpieces!

10 storage hacks for campers, RVs and small spaces. make the most of your space on a budget!

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Over The Sink Storage

In a camper, you don’t always have a lot of storage space, especially in the kitchen. One solution is to utilize storage bins in your cabinets, especially the ones above the sink. Not only does this make for more space, but it makes the items more accessible as well.

Magazine Holder

Keeping in the same vein with kitchen storage for your camper, did you know you can use a magazine holder to help organize all of your plates?! Genius right! Magazine holders are relatively inexpensive, and will help you keep all of your plates in one place while living the dream in your home away from home.

Hanging Utensils

So many utensils not enough room! This seems to be a common hassle, especially for full timers in the RV community. One of the best solutions to this that I have seen is to use a rod and S hooks to create hanging storage. This clears up valuable drawer space for other items and leaves your cooking utensils in a convenient place for cooking!

Cube Storage

Cube storage is amazing for small spaces! It allows you to fit the most in the smallest amount of space. cube storage also allows you to utilize vertical space that may have otherwise been wasted space, and when you are in an RV you don’t want any space to go wasted! If you are full timing with kids, or even just weekending, you know they for some reason, have massive amounts of things they “need”. Add some fabric bins and cube storage to your camper and you have a perfect storage solution for the little ones!

Make Use Of Vertical Space

Vertical space is going to be your best friend in a camper. Cube storage is a wonderful option, but you can also add in shelves in unexpected places as well. Build a shelf for over the doors to truly maximize your space! Anywhere you can “go up”, you should do it, especially if you are planning on living in your RV for an expended period of time.

Custom Storage Stairs

If you are a crafty individual, I would highly recommend recreating these RV storage stairs. In reality, stairs do tend to waste space, but if you build storage compartments into them, you are reclaiming that space and making use of it. These are perfect for when you want to hide clutter, or store things you just don’t want to be visible all of the time.

Make Use Of Your Cabinet Doors

The inside of cabinet doors are sorely under-utilized when it comes to storage, but in a small space, you need to use every square inch you have! You can attach hooks to the inside of your cabinet doors to store a plethora of random items! This is perfect for measuring cups in the kitchen, or for shoes in the bedroom closets!

Hidden Storage Under Seating

So we have spoken about utilizing your hidden space, and vertical space…Now we are going to talk about using the spaces underneath your seating. You never really think how much space is “wasted” and how much you could store somewhere until you have been in an RV for any amount of time. Think about it, have you ever though ” what can i fit in the space under my seats?”… Probably not unless you are making it work in a small space! You can grab one of these perfect roll away storage bins and DIY a perfect under booth storage without doing any damage to the integrity of the seat itself!

under booth DIY camper storage

Photo: About Ruth

Pop Up Storage

If you have ever owed a pop up camper, you know how difficult it can be to find good storage room. They are smaller, and fold down so completely that you need something that will fold down right along with it. That is why this pop up camper storage hack is just genius! Use the folding closet storage to store your belongings! You can hang it from the ceiling, and it will fold right down when break down your pop up.

Shower Storage

Even your shower curtain can turn into extra storage when you are in a small space. These shower curtain caddies are probably the best thing for shower storage I have seen. They hold a ton, and can bear a surprisingly large amount of weight. Perfect for campers especially because we know those bathrooms don’t always have the most storage space in them!

shower curtain storage for campers

Photo: Amazon

Sometimes when you are living the RV lifestyle, you have to get creative with your storage and organizational solutions. So if you have any fun and unique camper storage solutions, I would love to hear them!

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