The Most Beautiful Small Towns In Every State (Kentucky – New York)

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Today we are taking you back to the most beautiful small towns for part two of our list! Here are all of our favorite picks in each state from Kentucky to New York.

Be sure to check out part one as well to see all of the most beautiful small town in the USA!

Greenville, Kentucky

The Crossing by Old National in downtown Greenville. Photo courtesy of Tour Greenville.

Greenville is the perfect southern small town to visit on your next trip! Green hills and forests line this hospitable town. Historical buildings and tales line the streets while pristine parks line the neighboring lake. Visitors have the opportunity to take a picnic at the park and enjoy the local wildlife or learn about the towns history. Downtown, you will find the Muhlenberg County Courthouse. Locals love the history hidden within it’s walls. Originally built in 1907, this courthouse has undergone renovations and remodels to bring it to the beauty that stands today. Visitors have a chance to explore the grounds while experiencing history first hand!

St. Francisville, Louisiana

St. Francisville, Louisiana, USA – 2017: Tombs and oak trees at the cemetery located in historic Grace Episcopal Church.

The small town of St. Francisville offers abundant history that has been kept in perfect condition. Throughout the streets, visitors can find six authentic plantations and tour the grounds of each. The historic district of the town holds old shops, homes, churches and offices that contribute to the small town feel. If you enjoy adventure, you can drive to the nearby Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge to disconnect with the fast paced lifestyle we live and reconnect with nature. This refuge is home to the national bald cypress tree which has been named as one of the largest trees in North America, falling second only to the California Redwoods.

Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport, Maine USA – August 6, 2015: Nice view of the small harbour in the small touristic village in south of Maine.

The seaside small town of Kennebunkport in Maine has everything you need for the perfect getaway. Relax on one of the three beaches in the area or take a charter out on the sea to fish! But if fishing isn’t your forte, you can also sign up for guided boat tours. The locals offer lobster tours, whale watching tours and so much more! Every traveler is bound to find something they enjoy. We suggest taking a day to stroll the streets and experience the interesting architecture that lines the river and beach. Our favorite advantage of this town is that it stays beautiful year round, so no matter what season you choose to visit in, there will always be plenty activities!

Oakland, Maryland

Oakland, Maryland, train depot, showing the town sign, tracks, and a portion of the town beyond. The depot is on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you’re looking for a town to spend a couple days escaping the big city, we found just the place for you! Oakland, Maryland offers a small town atmosphere with both history and nature packed around each corner. The area is home to both Deep Creek Lake an Swallow Falls State Park. At the state park, visitors can hike and explore the miles of trails while taking in the picture perfect setting of waterfalls. And a trip to the lake offers you endless activities including boating, tubing and jet skiing when the weather permits. And of course, we can’t forget the local eats! Who doesn’t love breakfast foods? Here, Wendy’s Towne Restaurant is the place you have to be in the mornings. We suggest visiting in fall to see the leaves change colors!

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Deserted Alley Lined with Traditional Buildings and Colorful Stores Decorated for Halloween.

This small town has managed to keep it’s tradition style buildings and charm. The streets of this town hold old brick buildings and vintage mansions from the 1800’s. Artists have gathered inspiration from this small town’s sights and atmosphere. With plenty of bed and breakfast inns and resorts around town, choosing a place to stay will be the hardest part about your trip here! After you arrive, take a relaxing stroll through Berkshire Botanical Garden or take a tour of one of the many museums around town. If you are looking to find a way to get active, there are trails that surround the area and sports such as skiing, whitewater rafting and golfing that are all readily available to participate in!

Leland, Michigan

Leland, Michigan, USA – October 2, 2013: The Lake Michigan harbor town of Leland and its historic Fishtown enjoy a sunny fall day in October.

More commonly known as Fishtown, this small Michigan town feels like a glimpse into another world. Our favorite part about this little gem of a town is that all the shops have been built out on docks over Lake Michigan. Walk down the docks, grab a bite to eat or take in the sights on the overlook bridge. Nearby, visitors can walk down to the well known Vans Beach and enjoy a peaceful walk on the pristine shore. Perfect scenery and beautiful weather will be a part of the memories made here. We suggest bringing your camera along to capture this one of a kind town! 

Lanesboro, Minnesota

the root river spills over the Lanesboro dam in picturesque Lanesboro, Minnesota, autumn.

Lanesboro, Minnesota is a tradition small town with no chain stores or restaurants. Visitors come here to escape their daily routine and retreat into simplicity. Life in this small Root River Valley town consists of enjoying the surrounding nature and enjoying the community driven atmosphere. While originally settled in the mid 1800’s, this town didn’t become known until the 1970’s when the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources converted the local railroad into a nature trail. This town is now known for the unique way it’s travelers arrive – by canoe, by foot, by bike or by skis! Once in town, enjoy the local stores, art centers and museums.

Port Gibson, Mississippi

Greek revival architecture at the Windsor Ruins National Historic Site, Mississippi.

Nestled in the heart of the Civil War zone, this town is known for being the place that General Ulysses S. Grant spared under the feeling that it was “too beautiful to burn.” The town is home to two well known architectural anomalies. Now known as the Windsor Ruins, the first of these was a Greek Revival mansion. While the beautiful house survived the Civil War, it was destroyed in 1890 due to a fire. Now all that stands is 23 columns, the railways and iron stairs. Visitors will commonly find the site unoccupied despite it’s popularity. The town also holds Bethel Church which is known for “The Hand Pointing to Heaven.” The site has been remodeled over the years, but still holds it’s original charm. Your visit here is sure to give you a trip back into Civil War era.

Arrow Rock, Missouri

Arrow Rock Historic Site located in Arrow Rock, Missouri. Photo courtesy of Missouri State Parks.

This unique small town holds significance in the history of westward expansion. Arrow Rock is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and contains stops on both the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. Visitors find that this town exhibits it’s traditional 19th century appearance. You can walk to the visitor’s center to find the right experience for you to participate in. Retrace the steps of famous explorers by following the trails or walk down to the banks of the Missouri River. An elaborate recount of what life was like for those who dared to take the trip out west can be found downtown.

Columbia Falls, Montana

Farm scene, Columbia Falls, Montana

Known as the “Gateway to Glacier Park,” the small town of Columbia Falls has no shortage of activities or sights to see! Whether you are planning on journeying inside the park or want a cozier experience, this town offers it all. Golf resorts. water parks and wineries alike, the range of things to do here will never leave you bored. The Montana Vortex is in our opinion the most unique outing this this town contains. Here, a scientific anomaly occurs where the push and pull of gravity seem a bit different. Step down the trail into the vortex house and experience something new! Explore nature through Bad Rock Canyon nearby. In colder weather the water features will freeze over creating a small slice of a winter wonderland!

Chadron, Nebraska

This view along the main street of Chadron Nebraska shows retail shops and eateries as well as a local theater and other buildings, this street have traffic signals.

Chadron is the perfect destination for explorers at heart and nature lovers looking to experience something new! Located between Chadron State Park, Nebraska National Forest, Oglala National Grasslands and Toadstool Geological National Park, this small town gives visitors access to a variety of natural adventures. Once home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe and Cheyenne, this area was historical revered as a profitable hunting ground. A trading post was eventually implemented in the area. Now, the Museum of Fur Trade sits there telling the stories of the area’s fruitful hunting. The designated lands in the area allow visitors to experience multiple different sights and ecosystems while the geological grounds hold historical excavation significance. We suggest exploring the surrounding area on your trip here, you won’t regret it!

Lovelock, Nevada

Lovelock, Nevada, USA – August 20, 2014: This courthouse building is located in the middle of Lovelock Nevada and stands out as a very attractive structure, outside the front is a memorial monument. The location here in town is convient for t he locals the building has scenes on their window coverings and under this cloudy day in August it was a great view.

Known for years as a welcoming and comfortable travel stop along the road, the small town of Lovelock offers the perfect amount of activities for a rest stop. The Central Pacific Railroad depot, once a thriving stop along the rail, is now an entertaining and historical excursion within the town. Nearby, the Rye Patch State Recreation Area is described as being an “oasis in the desert.” The area is known for the common sightings of interesting wildlife. It is a great destination for those campers looking to fish and have nature picnics! However, our favorite destination in this small town is Lover’s Lock Plaza. Here, visitors, travelers and residents alike are encouraged to write lovers names on a lock and attach it to the chain that runs around the area. It’s a little slice of Paris here in the United States!

Littleton, New Hampshire

A view of Littleton New Hampshire along the Ammonoosuc with the old mill and water wheel.

Littleton, New Hampshire can be found on the banks of the Ammonoosuc River. This small town’s location creates a unique scenery that is worth a visit! How could you go wrong with the White mountains in the background? The iconic red saw mill sits on the pathway that runs along the river that was once a well traversed commerce route. Recently, the town has undergone improvements to nature trails and is working toward making visitors’ experiences the best possible. The downtown area is flourishing with community and success. We suggest cooling off here in the summer or watching the leaves change colors here in the fall!

Clinton, New Jersey

The historic Red Mill in Clinton Township in New Jersey on an overcast Autumn day.

Clinton, New Jersey is home to the original Red Mill where it stands today as one of the most photographed buildings in America. However, you would never guess that this mill made its home in such a small town! The city behind the photograph holds the state’s smallest and most compact Main Street. Restaurants and shops line the sides of the street featuring local treats. The distance from one end to the other is easily walkable. The adjacent bank of the river also holds a second, lesser known mill. Together, the mills put this small town on the map during the industrial era. If you can on visiting, be sure to bring your camera to replicate the iconic mill shot!

Chimayó, New Mexico

Old wooden gates in adobe wall at the entrance to the famous Chimayo Santuario chapel in New Mexico.

Chimayó is a community located at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico. Originally, this community was founded as a Spanish settlement in the 17th century. The settles created a fortified plaza coined San Buenaventura. Today, the plaza is known as Plaza del Cerro. The area remains the only fortified plaza in the United States. Traditions including making red chile and woven works brought the area recognition. The sit is also recognized as a place where miracles can occur and the dirt that covers the ground is considered sacred. While you’re here, be sure to visit one of the most popular pilgrimage spots, the Santuario de Nuestro Señor de Esquipulas. Visitors are also encouraged to explore the nearby mountains on their trip here!

Saranac Lake, New York

A mirror like reflection of Saranac Lake shoreline in the Adirondack park in New York

While the Adirondacks are a common vacation spot for many, we encourage you to take a trip outside the normal and visit the small town of Saranac Lake. Located in the middle of Adirondack park, there couldn’t be a better option for your peaceful getaway! Stay right on the lake to experience the serene scene across the water or take a hike to explore the mountains nearby! If you have kids or enjoy taking the scenic route, we suggest hopping aboard the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. The track will weave you over the river and through the woods to get an up-close look at the local wildlife!

We love the variety of atmospheres these towns create! Which small town is your absolute favorite? Leave a comment down below to let us know!

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Today we are taking you back to the most beautiful small towns for part two of our list! Here are all of our favorite picks in each state from Kentucky to New York.

Come back to our site next week to see our final part of this list, you won’t want to miss it!

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