RV Find Of The Week: 2018 Heartland RV Road Warrior RW427

by | Oct 30, 2017 | RV Buyer's Guide, RV Spotlight | 0 comments

2018 Heartland RV Road Warrior RW427

When you are looking for absolute comfort in a towable RV, the top of the line in the towable category is the 5th Wheel. While it can be argued that destination trailers can offer more amenities, they are meant to be less mobile and more of a stationary setup that can be moved if need be. 5th Wheels, on the other hand, typically have a large amount of quality amenities and maintain mobility (with the right tow vehicle of course).

With a model name like “Road Warrior”, this 2018 Heartland 5th Wheel does what it can to be acknowledged. With a name that stands out like “Road Warrior” you have got to bring your “A-game” when people come looking, and this high-class beast of an RV is most certainly accompanied by the first letter of the alphabet in the RW427 floorplan.

Before you get a chance to enter the 2018 Heartland RV Road Warrior RW427 the aggressively styled gray, black, white and orange paint job begins to stimulate your senses visually. Should you get a peek at the 2018 Heartland RV Road Warrior RW427 in full display, the next thing to stand out will be the two patios (the rear patio leads into a garage area perfect for your ATV/UTVs). Giving you plenty of room to entertain company, the 2018 Heartland RV Road Warrior RW427 also comes with 2 flat screen TVs and speakers mounted, 1 within the side patio and the other closer to the front, so there is no need to have someone outside grilling solo while you watch the game inside.

If you manage to make it inside the 2018 Heartland RV Road Warrior RW427, you are to be greeted by furnishings and square footage that outshines most apartments and some houses. From the master bedroom featuring a king-sized bed and the open style kitchen complete with stove, oven, hardwood cabinetry and residential sized refrigerator to the LED TVs standard in the living and bedroom and the fireplace, you may never want to leave.

Listed by Motor Home Specialist out of Alvarado, Texas on RVUSA.com with an asking price well over $40,000 off of MSRP, you’re going to want to take a second and even third look at this 5th Wheel.

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