RV Find of the Week: 2017 Taxa Cricket Trek

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2017 Taxa Cricket Trek

With a look modeled after designs by NASA, the 2017 Taxa Cricket Trek is an efficient, eye-catching, and rugged addition to your next outdoor adventure. Similar in looks to something you would imagine Matt Damon living in while on another planet, the 2017 Taxa Cricket Trek is a head turner to say the least. Listed on RVUSA.com by Ancira RV out of Bouerne, Texas, the 2017 Taxa Cricket Trek will more than likely get some extra looks and comments, wherever you take it. Unlike other attractive bodies you may encounter, this popup RV trailer has worthwhile substance on the inside as well.

Included Amenities


Recessed sink with folding cover

Energy-efficient electric water heater or propane water heater and furnace

Shower system for exterior usage

15 gallon fresh and grey water tank

City water connection



3+ days off-grid

Tow vehicle connection recharges battery while hauling

Exterior 120V inlet for shorepower connection

Interior LED lighting in kitchen, bed area, and porch

Four 12V outlets

Zamp solar inlet fits Zamp solar panels

Optional Zamp solar panels

Optional Energy-efficient 12V refrigerator


Camper/Trailer Storage

Roof rails and rack system available

Ceiling spine tie-down points

Kitchen cabinetry and under counter storage

Under-bed storage

Optional tongue-mounted toolbox


Ventilation and Heating

4 swing windows fully open with shades

Fully removable tent sides with 5 zip-mesh windows

Rear door hatch

Optional AC unit runs on exterior power connection

Propane option includes furnace


More Details

One of the most attractive features about the 2017 Taxa Cricket Trek is that it is lightweight enough to be towed easily, by most 4-cylinder vehicles. Unlike the larger Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels, there is a good chance that if you can attach a tow hitch to your car, you can pull the 2017 Taxa Cricket Trek. Even with its minimal weight, the Cricket can sleep two adults and two children. When you consider the integrated plumbing and electrical, you realize that you are able to go a few days in this bite-sized beast without the need to connect back to the grid. If you use your electrical sparingly and alongside solar panels, you can go even longer. Even if you have to post a picture to Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook every 20 minutes to satisfy your self-esteem’s need for likes to keep on living, the tow connection to your vehicle charges the battery when hauling. Now you can go ahead and post that 15th picture of the #outdoorlife, illustrated by an image of you next to a tree by your car. In all seriousness though, the 2017 Taxa Cricket Trek is an excellent option for those looking to travel with the option to go off-road and spend a few nights exploring without having to sleep on the ground or in your car’s front seat.


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