Romance on the Road: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her She’ll Love

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When the love of your life shares your love for life on the road choose a Valentine the reflects the beauty and joy of your enduring journey together. Meet the challenge of limited space and unlimited travel by choosing a gift that fills her heart, but not the limited storage of her home on the road.  From big to small, consider some unique Valentine’s Day gifts she’ll love.

So you know you’re not alone, the National Retail Federation found that Americans are expected to spend $19.6 billion for Valentine’s Day in 2018, an average of $143.56 per person. Of that money, about $4.7 billion is expected to be spent on jewelry while $3.7 billion will go toward a nice night out, the federation said.


For a gift she’ll love, think jewelry. Even if she prefers a simple look to bling, she’ll appreciate something selected to reflect her special place in your heart – that doesn’t need a special place in her limited storage.

Add a new charm for each of your special destinations together

Consider jewelry that captures the magical moments you’ve shared, friends you’ve met, and sights seen.  Valentine’s Day is a great time to start a charm bracelet with charms that will remind her of special places and times.

Consider the popular slide on charm bracelets such as Pandora then commemorate the holiday with charms of states – or states of mind – that will fill her heart and mind with warm memories.

Start a traditional link charm bracelet – profess your love in silver – then remember to add a charm from each special destination or event you encounter together for a gift that keeps the magic of Valentines alive throughout the year.

When you’re on the road and friends and family are far away, give the gift of safety for Valentine’s Day.  Popular with joggers and hikers, Road ID bracelets show your love by keeping her safe. Inconspicuous or bold, Road ID bracelets have all your contact information available at a glance for rescuers and helpers in the event of an accident on a trail, or dark, unfamiliar RV park, or campground.

Help her keep her jewelry organized on the road with a hanging travel jewelry bag.  It will keep her jewelry neat and untangled and help keep her home on the road organized.

Spa Days

Make it a memorable Valentines Day that she’ll love with an experience to treasure. Make whatever spot you’re at special with a day at a local spa, yoga retreat or salon.

A day at the spa can work out the kinks from days on the road.  Pop for a soothing massage followed by the region’s special beauty treatment.

In the southwest, look for spas that pay homage to the region’s Native American Roots. Arizona and New Mexico boast many spas that offer treatments based on holistic healing practices. Sedona’s world-wide reputation as a place for spiritual and personal enrichment makes it the ideal location to experience a special spa day.

Soak in the enchanting beauty of New Mexico while enjoying the healing mineral springs. Consider giving her the gift of a day at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs and Resort where she can enjoy the beautiful mountains while soaking in the natural mineral springs after her massage and beauty treatments.

Give her the gift of an unforgettable experience

Consider a Whipped Cocoa treatment in Hersey, Pa. for a sweet and unique treat.  In California, head to Calistoga for its rejuvenating natural mineral hot springs and mud bath treatments that leave mind and body refreshed.

For hundreds of years wellness seekers have been headed to North Carolina for rejuvenating and revitalizing heath treatments. Today, the area remains a mecca for spa and wellness treatments with roots deep in natural and holistic practices. Schedule a stop in the region and pamper her for Valentine’s Day with a day at a spa – from luxury at the Biltmore Estate, to time at a 40-acre wildlife retreat where treatments include energy healing and creek-side hot tubs, to a day in a healing salt cave.


From a splurge dinner out to a high-flying adventure, give her the Valentine’s Day gift of a shared experience.

Skip the crowds of Valentine’s Day itself and choose a day before or after to celebrate. Take her to a leisurely dinner that celebrates local cuisine.  Enjoy a night for barbeque and icy drinks in the southeast, a fresh lobster “up north,” or a “steamer” on the Atlantic seaboard. Celebrate the Pacific coast with seafood and farm-to-table fare, or spice things up for Valentines Day with the chili-infused flavors of the southwest.

It’s hard to beat a picnic basket and a romantic sunset on Valentine’s Day

Splurge on an adventure for two – from paragliding to boat charter or just a peaceful round of golf for two.  Pair your adventure with a picnic and some quality time for talking and togetherness for a Valentine’s gift she’ll love.


RV life doesn’t leave a lot of room for knick-knacks, but she’ll love a gift that makes life on the road easier and better.

Catch dirt before it comes inside and add some attitude to your site with a personalized RV door mat. Available from a variety of sources, the mats add some personality while collecting dirt before it comes indoors.

If you think a door mat doesn’t capture the romance of the holiday, consider adding some glam and humor to your Valentine’s gift giving.

Help her cover her morning hair on the way to the bathhouse or hide the effects of days on the road with a fun and blingy “RV Hair Don’t Care” or “Camping Hair Don’t Care” trucker’s hat.  Make it an ensemble with a matching glittery T-shirt or sweatshirt.

Add some sweetness to her morning rituals with a custom-made “Happy Camper” coffee cup and a bag of freshly ground coffee or fancy hot chocolate.

Help her save her memories with the Valentine’s Day gift of a travel journal.  Custom made, personalized, or a last-minute pick up at a big box store, a travel journal is a gift that helps her cherish the times you spend together.  Specialized travel journals have spaces to record favorite restaurants, interesting stops, and friends made.  Pair the journal with a pack of colored pens so she can add some illustrations or highlight favorite destinations.

Think Big

Give your Valentine a gift she’s sure to love: A new, or new-to-her RV. Upgrade to a more modern unit with greater fuel efficiency. Up-size to accommodate a growing family or a growing travel schedule or downsize for ease of handling and maintenance.  Nothing says love on Valentine’s Day like a new home on the road and the promise of many adventures to come.


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