Most Instagrammable Spots in Louisiana

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Most Instagrammable places in Louisiana

Guest Post by: James Witts

Traveling through The Bayou State will leave you breathless and in awe of the unique beauty and richness of the area landscape. With Baton Rouge and Lafayette listed in the top places where people are most excited about summer vacation time, you can be certain that there are places all over the state that are must-visit spots. Louisiana is home to many diverse areas including swamps, historic plantations, national forests, and the ocean. Check out these Instagrammable spots in Louisiana on your next trip through this fun-loving state.

Oak Alley Plantation

Oak Valley Plantation

Oak Valley Plantation-

The raw beauty of the long line of massive oak trees lining the entrance to Oak Alley Plantation is enough to take your breath away. The 28 oak trees that are 300 years old were masterfully crafted by a slave on the plantation and have become a pinnacle entrance that draws many visitors each year. Oak Alley Plantation covers 25 acres and is an incredible spot for anyone looking to add beauty and natural majesty to their Instagram feed. The plantation also features wide pastures, a formal garden, and an old home that features Greek Revival features as well as an art museum.

French Quarter

French Quarter Louisiana


If you’ve never been to New Orleans, nothing is quite like the experience of visiting the French Quarter that the area is so well known for. You’ll see beautiful historic buildings during the day that hint to a simpler time as well buildings painted in soft pastel colors. Arches and covered walkways are iconic in their structure and historical beauty. Note the many shops that cover the area today as well as the balconies that allow for easy outdoor living. At night you’ll see the French Quarter come alive with activity from visitors all around the world. The balconies will fill with people and the lights will shine on well past midnight.

Kisatchie National Forest

Located near Alexandria, the Kisatchie National Forest boasts plenty of pine trees and enough azaleas to create the perfect backdrop for a selfie. Check out the Wild Azalea Trail which is the longest hiking trail in the state that covers 28 miles of rolling landscape. Many visitors and residents travel this point to point trail in order to unwind and experience the quiet of nature. Kisatchie National Forest also offers soothing creeks as well as interesting caves for visitors to explore and enjoy.

Grand Isle State Park

With white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters it is no wonder why Grand Isle State Park is an easy choice as an Insta-Worthy spot. Snap a few pics while enjoying the southern sun and the rippling waves of the Gulf of Mexico. There are plenty of great viewpoints at Grand Isle beach in order to capture the best picture of the sunrise. Many birds can be seen in the area which is a natural spot for bird watchers to visit. Dolphins are a regular sight to see from the wooden piers of the beach as well.

Honey Island Swamp

Add some variation to your Instagram feed by including pictures of the virtually untouched natural beauty of the Honey Island Swamp. This pristine area features plenty of wildlife like exotic birds and alligators. The swamp is also home to many cypress trees with knobby trunks that plunge into the water as well as beautiful Spanish moss that drape from the trees. Take photos of the majesty of the swamp with access to the area from many area tour guides.


From forests to swamps to historic buildings there are plenty of great photo worthy opportunities in Louisiana. Your Instagram feed will be filled with diverse beauty from century old trees to the lively crowds that still enjoy the historic French Quarter today. Take a hike through the longest trail in Louisiana or hang out on white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. No matter where you travel there are plenty of options to choose from with these Instagrammable Spots in Louisiana.



James Witts is an eco-conscious home improvement writer. He is constantly trying to find new ways to live off the grid while living in a tiny home with his wife, Andie. 


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