Camping Re-imagined: The Sealander Travel Trailer

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Attention all! We are taking camping to a whole new level today. Check out the hybrid travel trailer/boat combo from Sealander. This amazing little trailer doubles as a boat and travel trailer.


The combo trailer from Sealander is a nifty and versatile little thing. The trailer is light enough to be towed by a mid-sized car, features a double bed, a sink, and a moderate amount of storage space. While not ideal for big families or long camping trips, the Sealander is perfect for those 1 to 2 night stays by the lake or river. The roof can be peeled back for star-gazing and the best part, there is no set-up!


The next day,take it down to the river and spend the day on the water. The bed converts to bench seats, you can install a table in the middle, and an electric motor to get it going. Some customizable features on the Sealander are a toilet, a cooler, a sound system, single flame gas cooker, cooking module, tap water pump, fresh water tank, waste water tank, and so on.


The Sealander meets all the required safety standards for a land and a water vehicle world-wide. In addition, it’s designed to be legal on almost all inland waterways in the U.S. with no boating license needed. The Sealander has unlimited possibilities!


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