6 US Hot Springs to Visit this Winter Break

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Faywood Hot Springs Resort- New Mexico

With no-reservation access daily from 10am – 10 pm and a $13 per adult fee for the public pool, Faywood is a must experience in New Mexico. Expect pool temperatures between 100- 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gila Hot Spring – New Mexico

This hot spring has been run by the Campbell family since the 1940s. Considered a “sweet-spring” due to the lack of mineral odors, the water temperature ranges from 147 to 154 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the springs, the Campbell family offers horseback riding as well, in case you feel the need to move around beyond the water.

Montezuma Hot Springs – Las Vegas, Nevada

It may not be next door to “Sin City”, but the Montezuma Hot Springs make for a worthwhile trip. About six miles northwest of Las Vegas, New Mexico, the springs temperatures range from about 102-120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Truth or Consequences Hot Springs- New Mexico

Truth or Consequences Hot Springs

This group of hot springs located in the southern corner of Sierra County, New Mexico range in temperature from about 98-115 degrees. With the concentration of pools in the area, Truth or Consequences has a large selection of bath houses and spas that have access to the waters. The cost to enjoy ranges from a couple dollars to the teens depending on the establishment you use.

Warm Mineral Springs -Florida

At 85 degrees year-round, the warm mineral waters in Warm Mineral Springs are the perfect place to relax on the east coast. Containing an estimated 51 minerals, which is some of the highest mineral content of any natural spring in the USA, the spring waters are sure to relax you to your core.

Mount Baker Hot Springs – near Newhalem, Washington

A true spring experience, Mount Baker Hot Springs are located in the Mount Baker National Forest near Newhalem, Washington. These natural pools require a short hike from the parking area to reach and have stones and logs in the waters that form natural seating areas perfect for relaxing. Clothing is optional, so if you are not comfortable with seeing the nude human form, you may want to recon the pool area to see if other guests are sporting more than a birthday suit.

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