10 Must-Have Accessories for your RV

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From kitchen gadgets to electronics, these are the top 10 accessories you must have in your RV:

  1. Solar Device Charger – These nifty little devices are the perfect way to charge your smartphones the all-natural way. Even though camping should really be a time to put down the electronics and enjoy the company of your fellow campers, it’s always good to have a phone around in case of emergencies. sun charged phone
  2. Outdoor Oven/Grill – One of the best parts of RVing or camping is cooking in the great outdoors. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air while you prepare your breakfast, dinner, lunch, or dessert using an outdoor propane grill, dutch oven, or outdoor camper stove. The type of outdoor unit you buy is up to you, and really depends on what you plan on cooking.
  3. RV Garden Hose – Made of FDA approved materials, these hoses are the only way to make sure you get clean drinking water from the closest spigot. Regular garden hoses can attract dangerous bacteria and are not always sanitary. It’s worth the purchase of one or two garden hoses to prevent someone getting sick during your trip.
  4. Electric Skillet – When the weather isn’t ideal or you just want to stay inside, an electric skillet or griddle hammockelectric griddlewill certainly come in handy. You can find a good electric griddle or skillet for as low as $24.99 on Amazon, or at your local Wal-Mart, Target, etc. The griddles are perfect for making a big batch of pancakes for the whole family!
  5. Water Filters – Just in case the campground water doesn’t meet your standards (which it often doesn’t), it’s a good idea to bring water filters along. Water filters come in a variety of sizes, depending on your needs, from large stationary models for the basement, in-line filters for water hoses, or portable filters to use in your kitchen.
  6. Hammock/Camping Chair – While the inside of your RV may be pretty comfy, it’s always enjoyable to have a nice place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Hammocks and chairs require very little setup and now come in some unique designs to accommodate multiple people, provide a place for your beverages, and protect you from the sun!
  7. Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Although it’s not the most fun accessory, it’s certainly an important one. Flat or blown tires are both inconvenient and dangerous, and while monitoring systems are a bit expensive, they’ll save you money in the long run.
  8. Frozen Drink Maker – As things start to heat up in the coming months, your diet may be changing as well. Say goodbye to hot chocolate and warm apple cider, and hello to fruity, frozen beverages. Easy-to-use, portable, and totally worth the cost, this might just become your favorite summer accessory.Margaritaville-Explorer-Portable-Frozen-Concoction-Maker-36-oz-jar-225x300
  9. Weather Radio – RVing is all fun and games…until a storm comes. Portable weather radios can alert you when there is bad weather nearby and give you time to relocate, or just pack upyour belongings to avoid damage. Instead of a battery (which can die), weather radios often come with hand cranks that are perfect for emergency situations.an emergency weather radio that is powered by batteries,solar,or hand crank.
  10. WIFI Hotspot – For those of you who just can’t part with your phones and tablets, or who are traveling with teenagers, a WIFI hotspot is a lot more reliable than campground Internet access. Sadly, WIFI deters a lot of people from visiting certain campsites, so a hotspot is a great solution.
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