Finding the perfect RV can be difficult and, depending on your level of experience, downright frustrating. That’s why we provide you with the RV Find of the Week, which is dedicated to help you find the RV of Your Dreams! In this week’s segment, we feature the 2017 Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler!


Toy Haulers are Travel Trailers or Fifth wheels that feature a garage in the rear to haul, well you guessed it, your toys! With Toy Haulers, the most important thing to decide on is living space and how big you need the garage to be. The garage will take up a good chunk of the RV and other rooms, such as the living room or kitchen, will have less space when compared to fifth wheels or travel trailers. A 10’ garage will have enough space to fit about 2 ATVs, the living room will be combined with the kitchen, and slideouts are used to negate chock points. In comparison, the 18’ garage can hold 4 or 5 ATVs, the living room is put in the garage and the slideouts are used to give more space in the kitchen and the bedroom. To help alleviate the issue of living space, the Cyclone features a regular patio (like the CY 4200)cyclone patio 1
or a ramp door which can be converted to be used as a patio (like the CY 3418).cyclone garage 4In addition, the garages will have a bed and/or couch (which can be converted into a bed) that can be pushed up to the ceiling or pulled down to the floor, providing you with more sleeping options. cyclone garage 1Make sure to explore all the Heartland Cyclone has to offer as they feature 14 different floorplans with varying garage sizes: 10’ (CY 3110), 11’ (CY 3611JS), 12’ (CY 3800, CY 4000 Elite, CY 4100 KING, CY 4150, CY 4200), 13’ (CY 3513 JM, CY 4005, CY 4113, CY 4250), 15’ (CY 4115), 17’ (CY 4018), and 18’ (CY 3418). Check out all the Cyclone Toy Haulers for Sale on RVUSA!


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