Extreme Social Distancing: Why RVing Is the Best Vacation to Take in the Wake of the Coronavirus

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For months now, travel across the world has come to a grinding halt due to the novel coronavirus. Flights have been canceled, hotels closed down, trips planned years in advance axed overnight. The travel industry has taken a huge hit, with domestic air travel in the US down 80 percent over this time last year according to airlines.org. As the world begins to open back up again and slowly return to safer-than-before normals, you may still be feeling understandably hesitant to face the crowds that travel typically brings. However, there is a way to still enjoy the escape of vacationing without the worry of violating COVID-19 safety protocols: RVing. Owning an RV is the perfect way to get out and see the country – extreme social distancing style.

Avoid the airport

Even before COVID-19, it was commonplace to be aware of the many things your immune system was exposed to during airport travel. Between the long security lines, cramped seats and recirculated air, you come into close contact with a lot of people. Now, in the wake of coronavirus, it’s even more important to be vigilant about avoiding large gatherings and close proximity. It’s hard to adhere to those principles at an airport. An RV completely eliminates the need to stand in a check-in line, touch unfamiliar surfaces, and share space with other passengers just inches away from you. If you have an RV, you have the freedom to drive to your destination and cut out the airport altogether.

Travel IN your home

Most of us have been under some sort of stay-at-home order over the course of recent months in order to flatten the curve. We’ve been asked to stay inside where we aren’t exposed to other people, except for essential duties like grocery trips or outdoor exercise. While much of those orders have lifted across the country, it may feel safer to you to continue your routine of staying inside. The great part about traveling in an RV is that you don’t have to leave your “home” to go anywhere! You can stay indoors as much as you feel comfortable as your rig takes you across the country. You’re in a controlled environment where you manage what comes in and goes out and can adapt your travels accordingly.

Know your space is clean

With hotel travel, you never know who slept in the bed the night before you or if the sink handles were adequately sanitized before your arrival. You’re essentially depending on someone you’ve never met to clean the space you’re staying into a high standard of safety and trusting that the person who stayed there before you wasn’t spreading contagious germs. In an RV on the other hand, you can rest easy knowing exactly who stayed in your bed last. You’re also in complete control of cleaning, so you can sanitize the space exactly how you see fit. It eliminates a huge point of worry because there are no uncertainties.

Dictate your own itinerary

If you’ve planned any sort of vacation for 2020 after the month of February, chances are you’ve seen changes to it already. Airlines have decreased the number of flights they’re offering in order to adapt to the drop in demand, so options that were once there are no longer. The ways life has changed in the last 4 months have shown just how unpredictable it can be. When you’re relying on other companies like airlines and hotels, your itinerary is at their mercy. With RVing though, your itinerary is yours. You’re the one behind the wheel calling the shots of where to go next. If one destination turns out to be closed, you just change course and select a new one – with zero cancellation fees.

Easily plan social distanced activities

Popular vacationing events like a crowded day at Disney World or a stroll through a jam-packed Times Square are likely still a long way off. For the foreseeable future, travel will have to be socially distant, and most leisure activities are encouraged to be outdoors in open spaces. No one does unplugging and the outdoors better than RVers. Sure, there are times when it makes sense to take the RV to Disney World or a big city, but the majority of RVers love it for the sense of freedom they feel on the open road and the connection it gives them to the outdoors. Choose campsites that offer secluded spots away from other travelers, or look into boondocking. Go on hikes where the scenic views are so vast, you can easily stay 6 feet apart from other hikers. Try a new hobby to get away from it all like biking or fishing. RVers are professionals at social distancing.

Extreme Social Distancing: Why RVing Is the Best Vacation to Take in the Wake of the Coronavirus

If you’ve been wondering how to travel safely after coronavirus, RVing is your answer. Control your environment, spend time outdoors, and unplug from the rest of the world. Once you dive in, you’ll wonder why this wasn’t how you traveled all along.

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