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The Green Machine, 2000 Dodge Ram Van 3500

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In her natural habitat.


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The Green Machine is ready to take you on adventures near and far! This 2000 Dodge Ram Van 3500 is thriving in her retirement from the Forest Service and ready to hit the open road. Featuring a custom conversation, she is fully equipped with a full-size bed, sink with electric water pump, solar power, refrigerator, interior lights, outdoor shower, cooking stove, indoor propane heater, and ceiling fan for ventilation and comfort. She has tons of cabinet space and under-bed storage, for all your living and adventure gear! The Green Machine runs strongly and has the character of a van old enough to drink. Character, defined: the van has a bit of "float" at speeds above 65 mph, the suspension is a little bouncy, and the sound system favors the driver side. The van is a work in progress (as is life), and I wanted to be forthcoming about its quirks! Happy to answer any and all questions! The Green Machine is perfect for a weekend adventure or the ultimate road trip! She has taken us coast-to-coast and has given us some of our most cherished memories, we are excited to get to share her with you!

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In her natural habitat.
The perfect way to end a day on  the road, sunset and twinkly lights. (Twinkly lights included)
View from the bed. The sink  water pump and fridge are run by the solar. 5 gal fresh water and 5 gal waste water, last between 2-4 days.
The solar set up (left) gets you off the grid. It powers the fridge, lights, fan & water pump. It can also charge all your electronics (phone/laptop)
The "bathroom" is on the left, featuring space for toiletries and towels, and our electric camp shower. No toilet in van. GF and dog not included.
With a memory foam bed, life on the road doesn't get much more comfortable! Plus storage everywhere!
The full, memory foam bed is 6' long, with pillows it fits an extended 5'10" human. Can maximize space by sleeping diagonally or by not splaying out.
With the included stove and table, you can be a cook anywhere! Set-up/tear-down time, around three minutes.
The Green Machine is a breeze to drive, she crushes hills and most terrain (2WD) and handles similar to a large truck. Aux hook up through cassette.
Bucket seats make traveling comfortable. Lap desk available to make this your office on the road. No power locks/windows, AC blows high/cold
Storage everywhere! Under the sink cabinets, in-door storage, tall pantry, over the sink shelf, and plenty more under the bed!
We are the owners of the Green Machine and the biggest proponents of your next adventure! Hubcap lost in mysterious southern state, has been replaced
The Green Machine at the Grand Tetons!
Included battery powered string lights, so you can set the mood, where ever you are. Pictured in Moab, Utah
With the included table and cook stove, you can be a chef anywhere! Dog not included...
Your home, anywhere. The included champ chairs and table (not pictured) will make you at home anywhere you stop along the way!
The ceiling fan can blow air in or out. Adding ventilation for cooking or comfort for sleeping!