1982 Toyota Sandtana Truck Camper RV for Rent in Phoenix, AZ

1982 Toyota Sandtana Camper Truck

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grandpa status achieved!

grandpa status achieved!

Dogs are cool. This one is Rad. That's his name.

Dogs are cool. This one is Rad. That's his name.


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Experience the great outdoors in the most epic and hip way imaginable - like a 1980s grandpa! This baby is fully original and comes stocked with all you need for an off the grid excursion or a nice weekend at an established campground. Designed for a 2 person getaway, but can easily accommodate a kid or two and a pup, just let us know! Note: manual transmission experience needed! Additional Info: There are pots and pans as well as dishware (plates bowls cups etc). A few things to think about before you confirm in full (I'll add these to the official listing, like I said I just put this guy up). 1) please keep max speed at about 70mph to drive comfortably. Please only exceed 70 if needed for safety (getting on a highway, avoiding collision etc) and only for a short time. 55 will get best MPG. There is no tachometer, so shift with your ears/heart ;) 2) it's very noisy when traveling on the highway but very comfy. 3) I use a bluetooth speaker as the stereo and speakers are from well, from the 80s. This will be in the truck. + a double USB adapter for charging. 4) the toilet is pretty much for emergency - like oh my god I have to go and it's the middle of the night! it's a marine bucket with seat. You can use wag bags with it (provided). if camping I much prefer to just dig a hole. If you do use it - dump it as soon as possible. There is also a blue water solution that can be dumped down a regular toilet. 5) I include sheets & pillows to make the bed up. sleeping bags w/ liners avail on request. 6) I include 7 gallons of RO / purified water 7) fridge runs on propane or electric or both - I will show you how to operate. 8) little buddy heater with fuel included for back camper (don't use built in heater unless you like really loud noises at 4am). 9) it's 36 years old it's got quirks, the interior is all original and pretty mint. play nice. 10) it's manual 4 speed, treat her kindly we just replaced the hoses, plugs, seals etc. and she is humming along quite well. 11) tank is about 12-13 gallons. keep track. modern gas pumps will autostop the fill if shoved in all the way. you have to manually gauge the amount you put in as to not overflow the tank (87 regular unleaded). 12) back window screens are not perfectly sealed around edges 13) I'm replacing the pop-top supports (got the wrong ones) so we use wooden dowels to keep it up for now (inconvenient, but works). will be fixed by mid December 2018.

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  • Dining Table Extra Storage Heater Kitchen Sink Pet Friendly Refrigerator Skylight Tow Hitch
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