2010 Class B for rent in Purcellville, VA 20132

2010 Mercedes Sprinter - Stealth RV - Easy To Drive - Powers Up The Mountains - 20 mpg

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Only looking to rent for periods of 3 days or longer. This is a Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Turbo Diesel, branded as Dodge with a Winnebago interior RV package all in a Class B size. For more info on this Sprinter by Winnebago please go to: https://winnebagoind.com/resources/brochure/2010/10_era_brochure.pdf Recent upgrades include new vinyl flooring and carpet (See pictures). The two seats behind the main cab (driver and front passenger area) have been removed, opening up that area for storage and ease of access. Consequently this vehicle only has two seats with belts, driver and front passenger. In terms of camping this is really only a vehicle for two people as it is small inside and only one bed that can accommodate two people. Fuel efficient at 18-20 mpg, a phenomenal number considering a weight of 8500 lbs unloaded and 9.5' high. It is 24 feet long, about 4 feet longer than the standard Mercedes Sprinter RV, giving it nearly 25% more interior space to move around. While most RV's are gas based and much heavier leading to overheating, stalls or just crawling up inclines there is no stopping this RV on its way to the top of the mountain at your choice of speed. This RV is easy to drive for all, with no RV or large vehicle driving experience required, much like a standard van or full-size pickup with amazing maneuverability and increased visibility with the addition of side and rear cameras and a up front screen showing all camera feeds. This is a compact RV, built for ease of use and short trips. Most don't know it is an RV due to size and look eliminating the problem of no RV rules that are sometimes encountered. Takes up 1.5 standard parking spaces allowing it to be easily parked at restaurants, grocery stores and malls without any issue. The fact that it looks like a surveillance van only helps in fewer questions being asked about your presence in parking lots as is common when in a standard RV. In 2016 I drove it up the Million Dollar Highway AKA Highway To Hell (US 550 in Colorado) known for steep climbs and switch-backs. On the way up passing dozens of RV's that just couldn't make it without stops to deal with stalls, overheating and other common problems with oversized, heavy, unwieldy gasoline based engines. Plenty of torque to pull up the mountain passes as high as 11,000 ft All while still maintaining 20 mpg on the 70 miles from Ouray to Durango. I purchased this RV used in 2016 from a business that only used it as a mobile office so little use of bed and shower. I have driven it less than 30k miles since purchased with limited time using bed and shower. It is clean and well maintained with a minimally used bath and kitchen. It is small and cozy, max of 2 overnight in its very comfortable sofa with an electronic control that converts it into a queen bed. This RV has a sleek, stealthy look and is much more maneuverable than most RV's. Small in size but all the amenities of a large RV with a toilet, small shower (only really for quick rinse-off) water heater (gas/electric), kitchen with dual burner gas range, (propane filled to 2/3 or more prior to rental) both gas and electric heat and very effective AC. The RV has a generator however it is LP and not efficient or reliable and is very loud. Due to the reliability issues generator is disabled and not available for use during rentals. If you want to run AC, microwave or other items on auxiliary shore power you will need to be at an RV park / campground park where there are hookups present. It has a 25 amp 120 Volt RV hookups with all necessary cabling. Unit has full water hookups for use of shower toilet, sink and required hoses to connect, however as most RV parks have their own showers you will find that preferable. Clean water tank filled with fresh water before each rental (only in seasons when not freezing). Gray / black water tanks dumped, flushed prior to each rental. Following rental grey and black water tanks dump and cleanup handled at no additional charge to renter. Water can be directly hooked up at camp sites and hoses, connections for both fresh and gray/black water release (septic) included with rental. Unit includes a refrigerator, however to get to full refrigeration you will need to be hooked up to shore power. Cooler included with rental as well. Easy to use manual awning with external lighting along with two folding lounge chairs included as well. Multi-speaker stereo system with multiple speakers from front to back and a deck in the dash. AM/FM Radio does not work but has a standard stereo jack for phones or ipods that deliver sound through entire RV. An external Sirius Radio with active subscription and cable hookups to stereo is included. Rental also includes a windshield mount Garmin Trucker GPS unit with proximity alarming. No TV in this unit but most RV sites provide WiFi. A laptop with Netflix seems to work well but ultimately this a unit that you spend the day skiing, climbing or hiking and crash in at night. No smoking of any kind in this RV. More than willing to take or return calls and discuss this vehicle. RV will be rented out clean inside and out and with a full tank of fuel. Must be returned as clean as when rented and with a full tank of diesel. $100 cleaning fee if not clean as when rented upon return. If fuel not full, $40 per quarter tank fee refueling charge. Well stocked with the following and included at no charge: -Disposable plastic cups -Disposable paper plates -Disposable paper bowls -Plastic forks, knives and spoons -8 rolls of RV toilet paper (regular tp and other paper cannot be used. More can be found at any Walmart.) -3 rolls paper towels -Small trash bags -Several Tupperware items for food storage -Glass measuring cup -Variety of Ziploc bags -Salt and pepper and other assorted spices -Copper non-stick frying pan with lid - for use on two burner gas range in RV -Medium sized pot to boil water or cook in -Cuisinart panini maker - George Foreman style grill - small size efficient for cooking chicken and steaks when not able to grill. -Spatula -Tongs and other assorted kitchen prep utensils -Two sharp Zeiss kitchen knives with sheaths -Two plastic cutting boards - small and medium sized -Bed sheets -2 small throw blankets -Two pillows - purchased this year and each is protected by a waterproof pillow cover that is washed after I or others use the rig. -3 large bath towels - freshly washed -First aid kit -Bug spray -Sun block -Jumper cables -Heavy duty self-jump start battery kit - life saver and I make sure all know how to use it. -25 foot extension cord -Spare oil and other necessities -Hammock - small, portable made to attach temporarily to a tree. -10 Inch Fan that runs on AC power or battery Optional items that can be added upon request: -Medium sized cooler - that fits snugly in the back. -Small table top Weber grill -Large camping backpack Please contact me with any questions. -Tom

Rental Info

  • From$150.00 Per Night
  • LocationPurcellville, VA 20132

Primary Information

  • Year2010
  • MakeWinnebago
  • ModelEra
  • TypeClass B
  • Length24 Feet


  • Air Conditioner Audio Inputs Awning Backup Camera Ceiling Fan Dining Table Extra Storage Heaters Inside Shower Outside Shower Toilet Inverter Kitchen Sink Leveling Jacks Oven Refrigerator Pet Friendly Skylight Tow_Hitch