It’s 2019, and by now society is well aware that women are fully capable of pursuing whatever passions they choose, whether in their occupations or hobbies. That most definitely applies when it comes to women with a love for RV travel. If you’re a girl with a dream, you don’t have to wait around for a man or a family to embark on any personal adventure, especially when it involves the call of the outdoors and the freedom of RV living. Since when is enjoying those things only for the guys or the gals with a guy around to drive the rig? There may be a few different hurdles you’ll face as a solo female RVer, but it’s nothing strong women can’t handle. Here are a few of our best tips to make your life as a solo female RVer fulfilling, safe and vibrant.

Practice with Short Trips

This tip applies whether you’re a solo female, a retired couple, or a fifth wheel full of nomadic bachelors. The best way to prepare for life on the road is to practice. Take short weekend trips to destinations that are close to home before embarking on a bigger trip. On these brief getaways, you’ll learn the ropes by trial and error.

Which items did you forget to pack that you’ll want to remember next time? What can you do to get more comfortable driving (and parking) your vehicle? How do you deal with campground hookups? You can learn a lot from reading tips and tricks on blogs, but you’re guaranteed to realize a few new things of your own once you start getting some reps under your belt. And for solo women RVers, confidence is one of your most important tools on the road as it will keep your instincts sharp, and experience is the best way to build it.

Be Smart When Picking a Campsite

With the wild popularity of true crime podcasts and TV shows right now, it’s understandable that you may feel a little cautious about the dangers that could be out there when embarking on the vulnerability of solo travel. However, when you’re equipped with the right knowledge and awareness, there’s no need to fear – traveling alone is a lot safer than you may think. If safety is a concern for you, there are ways to find more secure environments to camp in.

Many solo female RVers prefer not to camp in Walmarts or boondock, but opt for more populated campgrounds instead where you can make friends with neighbors and be close by in case help is ever needed. We recommend staying in areas with cell service, finding ways to boost your connectivity in your RV and having someone that you frequently check in with, even if it’s a parent or best friend back home just to make sure things are going smoothly.

Learn Your Way Around Mechanical Issues

If you’ve ever so much as driven a car or owned a house, you’re likely wary of being taken advantage of by a mechanic or handyman who thinks you don’t know your stuff and tries to get you to pay for repairs you don’t need. In an RV, there are a lot of moving pieces – you’re driving a house on wheels, so if you have a general grasp on mechanical issues, it will make you more confident and knowledgeable should anything go wrong and you have to talk to a professional about it.

Being able to handle small mishaps on your own will make you self sufficient, and if anything major ever happens, you’ll know how to navigate a conversation about repairs without someone assuming they can pull one over on you. We recommend having your vehicle serviced before any major trips so that you’re less likely to run into an emergency situation alone on the road.

Bring A Furry Friend

If you’re not an animal person, you can skip this one. But if you are, then have you considered taking your four-legged companion on the road with you? A pup can be a faithful hiking partner and guard dog, and cats can provide company for cozy nights alone in the RV. Traveling with a pet does add an extra layer of effort into your life on the road, but the companionship they provide is well worth the investment for solo travelers.

Join an All-Female RV Group

RVers love community. There’s an RV group for just about everything, and solo female travelers are no exception! There are plenty of groups out there of fellow female travelers supporting each other online and in real life with tips, meetups and caravans. Look for one you can hit the road within your area or an online community you can exchange advice with. You can also glean plenty of information by following bloggers and YouTube personalities who are already crushing the female solo RV life.

Remember Why You Started

Trust us, your RV experience will be exponentially better if you are living in the moment rather than traveling in trepidation. If you find yourself getting nervous about all the details that come with being on the road, take a deep breath and go somewhere where you connect with the reasons why you love the RV life, like a favorite state park or campground. Remind yourself what motivated you to start this adventure and of the obstacles, you’ve already overcome to get to this point. You’re more than capable of handling the next one that comes your way! Reconnecting why you’ve chosen this life will

Tips for Solo Women RVers

Tips for Solo Women RVers

In summary: You’ve got this! Driving an RV and camping alone can be one of the most empowering things you could ever do. And you’re more than likely to make some really great friends and connections along the way. Don’t let being alone hold you back from your next great adventure.


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