Amongst the chaos of pulling US troops out of Vietnam, the table cloth-esq styled clothing, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigning from office due to criminal charges and the seemingly ever relevant Roe v. Wade ruling, GMC made a motorhome. While the significance of the GMC 26 is no where near equal to that of the aforementioned events, it happened nevertheless. It may not literally transport you back to 1973, but the 1973 GMC 26 can offer a look into the past by showing what was important to have in your RV as well as the “style” and craftsmanship of a time before smartphones and 3-D printing.

This 1973 GMC 26 is no longer the proverbial “bell of the ball”, but unlike many of the products made today, it is proof that it was built to stand the test of time. With the hospital bathroom tan (I’m pretty sure that isn’t what they named that color, just painting a picture) exterior paintjob and football player-esq gray stripes under the windshield and front seat windows, it is obvious the current look of this 1973 GMC 26 will not win it any contests in the aesthetically pleasing category. However, what it lacks in modern day looks and functionality, it makes up for in longevity, durability and “recycled uniqueness” (e.g. it is so old it may soon be one of a kind). Listed at $9,995.00 on by Browns RV Superstore with the option to ‘make an offer’, this 1973 GMC 26 is in the correct price range to take home and customize to your liking, if you already planned on getting a newer model RV. The simplicity of the design and build of “aged” products makes them easier to work on and even remove to upgrade than their modern-day counterparts. Introducing a mix of modern day and vintage parts can give you the custom look and feel that perfectly aligns with who you are as person and allow you to experience true relaxation when you step inside. Or you can restore it to its original look and enjoy the nostalgia that comes along with completion.

No matter how you would prefer to restore the 1973 GMC 26, it is at a price that is worth a look before something that you would have to accept how it is. Along with the snapshot view of a much younger nation, the 1973 GMC 26 is a testament to a time when things were built to last longer and work harder. With the 1973 GMC 26 you are not only investing in a motorhome, you are investing in a time that a person’s work ethic meant more than how offended they let themselves be to any opposing idea they encountered.

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