#ThrowbackThursday : Retro Accessories That Are Better than Today’s Tech

by | Mar 8, 2018 | RV Buyer's Guide, Tips & Tricks

Technology has truly come a long way the past few decades. But there are still a few gems out there that are still in use today. And even though some are long gone, tech accessories are items that should never be forgotten. They portray the way we used to live and will be a part of history forever.

Vinyl Records-

Vinyl speaks for itself because people of all ages are still using record players today. But if you pay close attention to the small, specified selection of records, you won’t find everything you might find in the digital section. This may be because records draw the type of listener who is there for the production and songwriting. Furthermore, the sound isn’t modified or processed, and the scratches and mishaps you hear on the record are part of the experience. Basically, the sound is incomparable to anything you’d hear on your IPhone. Buying them is also another retro aspect of vinyl because you can spend endless hours looking for nothing and still find something. In other words, you don’t find vinyl. The vinyl finds you.

Instant Cameras-

Just like records, instant cameras are still in use today by a few select people today. They offer an immediate photo with that vintage, dated look that is incredibly popular. There’s also something to be said for physically holding a photo in your hands. This might evoke more feelings and emotions rather than seeing a photo on your phone (something that we hold all day, every day). While we have tons of editing programs and apps that offer filters and changes to the photos, instant cameras don’t offer any kind of alterations, so the viewer truly sees what the photographer saw. They give instant gratification that can’t be found with your IPhone or digital camera. They surely aren’t for everyone, but some people still choose them over a DSLR because it might be the way they learned to take photos, or they enjoy doing things the hard way.


While this topic may spark a heated debate, VHSs are still neat and deserve to be mentioned. The most obvious reason for the continued use of VHSs is that you can’t scratch them. No matter how hard you try. Have a toddler? There’s a small chance they’ll find a way to mess up the VHS rather than the DVD. Plus they are SO CHEAP. You can easily still find them in used book stores, thrift stores and even Goodwill. Ever had to clean a VHS? Not me. I do remember having to clean my DVDs several times before they’d continue showing Harry Potter. So what if they somehow do get dirty of messed up? You probably didn’t pay more than a dollar for it… When mindlessly searching for VHSs, you might find some rather strange and outlandish options for your viewing. Some of those hard to find films or foreign options are more than likely still for sale, but you’ll have to hit up the VHS bin to find them.

Boom Box-

Though some may prefer the vinyl records we were talking about earlier, those that grew up in the late 80s and early 90s may define the boom box as retro. Its aesthetic is something you can’t replace, and it has definitely found its way in pop culture. (Say Anything? John Cusack, anyone?) You only need one thing instead of multiple accessories. Some may argue that the point of digital music is to have the clear, distinguished sound of a song. Others, however, might desire the simple idea of nostalgia. In this case, it might not be what you’re listening to, but how you’re listening to it.

Old School Video Games-

Sega. Atari. Nintendo 64. The GameCube. This was the time that simply blowing in the game cartridge would make the game work again. The world of games consoles has come a long way since the 80s and 90s, but some of them are so complicated that it seems you’ll never know every move or trick on the controllers. During the beginning of the video game craze, the point was to win at whatever you and your competitors were playing. Now, it seems as if the point is to kill the other players. It also seems as if creators have lost sight of the point of the game, and all that matters now is graphics. Higher quality pictures are of course inevitable, but the game is what gamers keep coming back for. Nowadays, you are even expected to shell out more cash to unlock achievements and more levels. To put it simply, old school gamers are easier to play, and tougher achievements and levels don’t always ensure more fun.

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