It may not be as high-tech as the Stealth Bomber and is not as exciting as the original “Die Hard” movie starring Bruce Willis, the 1988 Monaco RV Crown Royal has a place in the hearts of at least a few US residents around during that time. Originally called the “Caribou Manufacturing Company”, the now titled “Monaco Coach Corporation” started business in 1968. With the energy crisis of the 1970’s, Monaco brand was able to survive by staying focused on its niche market segment of luxury RV consumers, while other manufacturers were forced to close down. According to Monaco executives, the key to their continued success has been spending time asking their customers what they think and adjusting their product to match there wants and needs.

The 1988 Monaco RV Crown Royal was the first year to see the total redesign of the line to include the first rear engine Roadmaster chassis. Though this particular years model is sitting right at 30 years old in 2018, other than the “analog style” controls at the command center, it is hard to tell. Complete with updated appliances and matching wood cabinetry throughout, this 1988 Monaco RV Crown Royal blends together the quality craftsmanship of the past with today’s modern amenities beautifully. This 1988 Monaco RV Crown Royal comes with ultra-soft leather driver and passenger chairs, in addition to the various seating throughout the RV that allows for the most comfortable and relaxed of rides. The RV comes carpeted throughout with the exception of the kitchenette area, allowing for a lower possibility for injury to any young ones that may be playing throughout. The exterior of this 1988 Monaco RV Crown Royal features a blue and light tan paint job with all of the extra lighting necessary to ensure you arrive at your destination safely. On the rear of the vehicle, a custom portrait of three white dogs on a snow covered mountain ridge background can be seen on the upper section of the body. Finally, on the same side as the camper’s main entrance door you have a retractable awning that provides a great place to cool off while still outdoors.

This particular 1988 Monaco RV Crown Royal is available for sale on by George Sutton RV out of Eugene, Oregon. At an asking sale price of $17,995 with the option to “make an offer”, this 1988 Monaco RV Crown Royal is well worth a look. While it may not be the newest “top of the line” model, with the name Monaco, you can trust that it was built to keep going strong.

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