Buying a vintage RV doesn’t just get you an awesome vehicle, it makes you part of a unique club with thousands of people who share your same passion. This week we wanted to highlight one of the most well known classic RV groups, the Tin Can Tourists. Read more about them below:

The Tin Can Tourists are a group who people who love to celebrate classic trailers and motor coaches. The club has over 29,145 members on their Facebook Page and a popular website that showcases events, classifieds, campgrounds, and even an online store. Events take place all across the country, including the Classic Auto Show in LA on January 27 – January 29.


If you love your vintage RV, or are looking to buy your very first classic RV, the Tin Can Tourists will be a great resource for you. You can browse RVs for sale, meet other RV enthusiasts, and find vintage friendly campgrounds near you. RVUSA is dedicated to connecting you with anything and everything RV! Check back on the blog every Monday for the Find of the Week, Tuesday for Travel Destinations, Wednesday for Dealer Spotlight, and Friday for Tips and Tricks. If you have any thoughts, memories or comments, leave us a message below!

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