Throwback Thursday Vintage RV: 1976 Kit Road Ranger 1850

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Allow us to introduce you to the true definition of vintage. This travel trailer isn’t even being manufactured anymore and comes with a lot of history. Small and unimpressive on the outside may surprise you with what’s on the inside. This week’s Throwback Thursday vintage RV is a 1976 Kit Road Ranger 1850 that’s full of tradition and charm.

Kit Manufacturing Co. started making just trailers in 1945 and was among the top ten best RV dealers in the nation for the year of 1994. The first product was the “teardrop” trailer and was sold as a kit, with buyers assembling different parts and components to the trailer. The entire company went through a huge expansion operation in the 70’s which led to the start of manufacturing mobile homes and the famous Kit Road Ranger travel trailer model. By the early 2000’s the company had been sold to a larger manufacturer and all of the product lines halted.


Looking at the outside of the 1976 Kit Road Ranger 1850, you can tell that the travel trailer has some years on it. It has a white exterior with a yellow bottom half and yellow wraparound stripe below the windows. It’s engulfed in the vintage paneling you see on classic RVs instead of the sleek and smooth exterior. The inside has a U-shaped sofa area with a dining booth. Take one look at the vintage fabric on both sitting areas and you know the travel trailer came from the 70’s. The dining booths turn into a sizable bed that two could sleep in, along with two more on the sofa. The kitchen is quite spacious for the small travel trailer. In addition to endless cabinet space, it comes with a full size sink, an oven and a three burner stove, and a refrigerator.


This vintage travel trailer is only $3,995 and is in immaculate shape. Get this one-of-a-kind RV in Idahol Falls, Idaho. To make an offer, call Bish’s RV at 208-423-1202 or view more details here.

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