Some things are timeless. If you’re building your camping stash, or just looking to up your game with a little nostalgia, these classic camping accessories are worth the investment for their combination of utility and style!

1. Classic Military Compass

Sure, you could buy a fancy GPS-enabled compass with laser sighting and voice narration… but unless you’re hiking all alone in Death Valley, this classic compass is the tool to get the job done. No need to worry about charging, battery back-up, or updating software. Plus, at $9 this must-have camping accessory is a no-brainer!


2. Vintage Boonie Hat

Who else has memories of Dad or Grandpa with his Boonie Hat at the campfire or fishing dock, with all the branch loops chock full of tools and gadgets? Is that just me? Well, Dad was onto something! This Boonie hat has some serious camping mojo.


3. Emergency First Aid Kit

You’ve likely got a full First Aid Kit in your camper, but you’ll also need a lightweight kit to take along with you on your hikes and exploration. That’s where this vintage kit comes in. It weighs only half a pound but contains everything you might need in a pinch.


4. Military Canteen Kit

Durable, easy to carry, and easy to care for, this stainless steel canteen, cup with adjustable waist belt, and nylon cover are the perfect go-to canteen set. Don’t waste your time lugging plastic water bottles, instead this essential multi-purpose canteen kit can be used for cooking, heating water, signaling help, or just making a cup of hot coffee (in addition to toting water on your next hike).


5. Handcrafted, Leather-Bound Travel Journal

What’s more classic than the travel journal? Take pen to paper and document your adventures like they used to… you can blog about it when you get home!


6. Vintage-Style LED Lantern

Enjoy the classic style of a kerosene hurricane lamp, with the convenience of a battery-powered LED lantern. The beautiful vintage design is perfect for hanging outdoors at your campsite for a little extra ambiance.


1. Aluminum Diver’s Helmet

We know this is completely impractical, but imagine bringing this along to your next lake-side adventure to explore underwater! And even if you’re not ready to slip this over your head and dive into the depths, this gorgeous Diver’s Helmet would make a perfect addition to your nautical decor!


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