RV Tips & Tricks: 7 Apps for your next RV trip

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Tips & Tricks | 1 comment

Whether you are a new RVer or an experienced one, everyone needs help managing their RV vacation. Our list of Recommended RV Apps will give you the best tips, tricks, and expert knowledge will give you the best information for you next RV Vacation!


RV Checklistrv checklist

Have trouble remembering everything before a road trip? Always seem to forget something? Than RV Checklist is the perfect app to start this list. RV Checklist offers owners 3 master lists consisting of checklists for: Short RV Trips, Long RV Trips, and a maintenance to-do list. Or you can customize your own list, picking items unique to your next RV trip. Never forget an item again when you use RV Checklist!


Discover millions of places near you at the touch of your fingers! Find local diners, roadside attractions, national parks, hotels and much more. You can even plan your trips through the app or on roadtrippers.com, share it with friends and your friends can even suggest places to travel in your itinerary.


Toll Calculatortoll calculator app

This app calculates the toll amount for different routes between two addresses that you enter. The app covers every toll road in the U.S. and supports all kinds of vehicles. Potentially save hundreds of dollars with the Toll Calculator app!


RV Education 101rv education 101

RV Education 101 offers you extensive knowledge, providing you with premier online RV training and instructions to keep you safe. The topics covered range from properly towing, motorhome driving, maintenance, safety and much more!


AllStays Truck and Travelallstays

Allstays has a couple apps but we will highlight the most important: Allstays Truck and Travel. Truck and Travel aids you to find which roads have low clearances and pull-outs. It also lists travel centers and truck stops, which can make refueling loads easier.



Another potential money saving app, GasBuddy shows you the cheapest gas options around you. Although it relies on user-generated reports, GasBuddy offers a chance to win gas money if you give accurate gas information.


Satellite ARunnamed-12

Although there are a ton of auto aligning dishes out there, this is a safe app to keep on hand in case you have to tinker with yours to get it right. The apps assists in the
alignment of satellite dish atennas by using the GPS on your phone and giving you instructions on aligning the dish.

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