The Best RV Tailgating Recipes

by | Aug 24, 2022 | RV Recipes

A man grills burgers and more RV tailgating recipes while his friends hang out in the background.

What goes together better than RVs and tailgating?! We think it’s hard to find a more perfect match, and we’re here to make it the tastiest pairing ever. If you’re RVing at a football game, your tailgate needs top notch tailgate food. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to find it. Get ready for our favorite RV tailgating recipes!

Finding the Best RV Tailgating Recipes

We scoured the internet to find the best RV tailgating recipes out there so you can focus on the big game. Tailgating food is comfort food, so our list includes all the savory favorites that are easy to whip together in a small RV kitchen. Your guests will be begging you to host the next tailgate too after tasting this menu.

A grilled buffalo chicken sandwich with creamy ranch sauce. This tops our list of RV tailgating recipes

Photo courtesy of: Life Tastes Good

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Every RV tailgating recipe list needs buffalo chicken, and this twist from Our Life Tastes Good takes away some of guilt. The grilled chicken is a step up on the healthy meter from fried chicken, yet it still has all the flavor. Top it with creamy ranch and Frank’s Red Hot for the ultimate tailgating entrée.

RV Tailgating Recipes: Halves of jalapeno are stuffed with cheese and bacon.

Photo courtesy of: Munchkin Time

Jalapeno Poppers with Cheddar Cheese

Jalapeno poppers are always a party hit, and this recipe from Munchkin Time is among the best you’ll find. You get the rich texture of cream cheese with some crunch from the bacon, and it makes the perfect pre-kickoff snack. Your RV tailgate recipes box needs this one!

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A half-eaten nacho cheese meatball on a plate with more meatballs. This is a fan favorite when it comes to RV tailgating recipes

Photo courtesy of: Beef Loving Texans

Air Fryer Nacho Cheese Meatballs

Air fryers are a favorite among RVers, especially those whose RV kitchen doesn’t have an oven. This easy appetizer from Beef Loving Texans has everything you could possibly want in an RV tailgate recipe: hearty meat, gooey cheese and a crispy, fried shell. Dip in the Tejano sauce from the recipe to really finish it off!

RV Tailgating Recipes: A person picks up a buffalo chicken pinwheel from a plate

Photo courtesy of: Cooking for Keeps

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

Pinwheels are often the first food you think of when you think of party food, and this buffalo chicken spin on them from Cooking for Keeps makes them perfect for football season. Warning though: they’ll get gobbled up very fast, so make extras!

A brush rubs marinade on chicken on the grill

Photo courtesy of: Hey Grill Hey

Grilled Chicken Drumsticks

It’s not a tailgate without chicken wings! This easy RV tailgating recipe from Hey Grill Hey is meant to sizzle on the grill while you hang out under the awning with a cold drink in hand before the game. It’s a scene you can almost taste!

Pigs in a blanket scattered around parchment paper. If you're looking for RV tailgating recipes, you need this!

Photo courtesy of: Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen

Mini Reuben Pigs in a Blanket

These aren’t your everyday pigs in a blanket. Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen combines this party favorite with all the best flavors of a Reuben sandwich for an irresistible RV tailgating recipe. You will need an oven in your RV kitchen for this one.

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A list of RV tailgating recipes wouldn't be complete without this beer cheese dip. It sits in the middle of a tray of veggies and bread.

Photo courtesy of: Sweet and Savory Meals

Beer Cheese Dip

Game days need dips. It’s just a fact! Dips for bread, dips for veggies, dips for chips – the list goes on. This beer cheese dip from Sweet and Savory Meals works with all of those! No matter your dip conduit of choice, this dip will be the perfect addition to your tailgate menu.

A bowl of cowboy caviar with chips beside it.

Photo courtesy of: Dinner at the Zoo

Cowboy Caviar

For a healthier take on dip, whip up this cowboy caviar from Dinner at the Zoo! Cowboy caviar is a chunky salsa of sorts made of beans, corn, tomatoes and tons of flavor. If you can chop up ingredients in your RV, then you have what it takes to prep this delicious dip. Simply chop, mix and enjoy!

Crinkle fries in a skillet with pulled pork and cheese on top

Photo courtesy of: Spicy Southern Kitchen

Southern Cheese Fries

If you’re craving some stadium food while you’re tailgating in the RV lot, these southern cheese fries from Spicy Southern Kitchen should do the trick. You can bake them in the oven or in the air fryer and then top them with your favorite pulled pork. The delicious pimiento cheese sauce is what really pulls this RV  all together though!

These adorable chocolate peanut butter footballs are perfect for tailgating!

Photo courtesy of: She Wears Many Hats

Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs

Alright, I know we promised a savory list of comfort foods, but we couldn’t resist including these adorable chocolate peanut butter footballs from She Wears Many Hats. They’re just as tasty on the inside as they are cute on the outside!

Time to put these RV tailgating recipes into action!

With this list, you won’t have to do any more searching for RV tailgating recipes – your entire menu is right here! From appetizers to entrees and desserts, this list has everything you need to host the best pregame party ever. All you have to do is reserve a spot in the RV lot and pack your favorite jersey! See you at the game.

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